7 Reasons to Keep Calm and Bitcoin On

1. It’s not Paper

The national debt would take well over 2,000 years to pay off if the United States paid off 16 million dollars a day without adding any new debt. Knowing this, it can safely be assumed the ‘house of cards’ will be crumbling before that happens. Heck, even an atheist would be willing to bet the the Lord Savior Jesus Christ would return to earth and turn bank notes to gold before that happens. While it has not sunk in for many, for Bitcoin consumers, it has. This is not to say Bitcoin should be the primary currency with which to function in the economy but it is reason enough to not get scared if the value dips.

crumpled money

2. Everything Is Digital

Bitcoin is the digital currency leader and these days, everything is digital. In fact, the only time people have to use this paper stuff is when it is tax or audit season. The hesitancy by many to join the Bitcoin game is understandable when considering times of transition are typically slow and unpredictable.

digital currency

3. Retailers Love It

For online retailers who accept Bitcoin, it has become the preferred currency over credit cards because of the greatly reduced risk of fraud. There are also lower transaction fees. While it’s a small slice of the pie overall, it is a growing and a welcome niche for retailers.

As a result transactions are processed faster, making Bitcoin the online equivalent to cash-in-hand payments.

Some of the larger companies that accept bitcon include:

4. Cheap Way To Pay Freelancers In Global Market

Paying for freelance work on websites like oDesk.com and eLance.com comes with 10% fees, which are acceptable short-term but long-term can add up. Once a relationship is established, it is nice to escape that grid, resulting in more money for the client and outsourced talent. This is where Bitcoin is wonderful.

Paypal charges fees and for people living in countries like Bangladesh, transactions take several days to process. Bitcoin gets around this problem and it’s common to find freelancers with Bitcoin accounts, who are active in Bitcoin forums and who are very worried about the value of Bitcoin on a daily basis, as for them it is truly their entire savings.

Paypal sucks

5. Buy Some Eggs Or Raw Milk

Things are illegal that should not be illegal. While one can pay cash for these types of things, Bitcoin is better. Naturally, it can be fully legal and just as great. Take these dozen eggs purchased recently as an example:

buy eggs with bitcoin

Then of course there is “Bongcoin”, which is what stoners call Bitcoin when purchasing bongs with the crypto-currency.

Reddit Screen Shot

Finally, a fund is created that will match Bitcoin donations at anti-war.com.

anti war

This leads me to…

6. End War

It may seem to be a stretch to say that a switch to Bitcoin will end war but without the continuous printing of money, war would not be possible. If tax payers actually had to pay for wars themselves, they’d be more outraged. Burdening their grandchildren with the debt seems a littler more reasonable, apparently.


7. Just…Because

Just…because is probably the most valid reason. It comes with little explanation, definition or proclamation other than to say that the way the world is looking at money is changing fast. The way the world is looking at governments is changing fast. The ability to absorb new information is improving fast. 2014 and beyond is all about diversity and versatility. As such, Bitcoin should be part of the arsenal. With that, keep calm and Bitcoin on.

P.S. Check out how few top 100 Alexa websites accept Bitcoin and realize the massive potential for growth.