Smart Watches have no future, Apple Watch Developers Think Otherwise

There has been a thick dubious mist surrounding the launch of the upcoming Apple Watch ever since its inception, which is due to launch sometime in April of this year. Analysts have been debating for the past year (ever since the Apple Watch was announced by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)) on whether the upcoming wearable device would face the same fate as the Google Glass, or would rise to new heights and become the most demanded wearable piece of technology to exist in the world this year.

So, how big is Apple Watch’s potential? Apparently, it’s huge. According to Daniel Breslan, an app developer working on Departure Board (an app for the upcoming Apple Watch), the watch device offers a good enough platform for the launch of his app. Departure Board is an app which serves to provide information regarding the next 20 trains arriving/leaving from the train station nearest to the Apple Watch wearer. A simple enough concept, which, Breslan believes, will work wonderfully on a platform such as the Apple Watch.

Breslan is not the only one who is confident about the upcoming Apple device as the perfect medium for the launch of his application. Many other developers are looking forward to the launch of the Apple Watch in April to launch their applications designed specifically for the small-screened Apple device.

Apple iWatch

The biggest motivator for developers seems to be money, as is the case with any entrepreneur. But the money factor in case of Apple devices, especially in the context of app stores, is huge. When the Apple App Store for the iPhone was launched in 2008, it brought with it a billion dollar industry that Apple now enjoys. Developers developing apps for the Apple App Store became millionaires overnight. This is the dream that app developers for the Apple Watch are looking forward to, and this is exactly why thousands have taken to developing apps for the Apple Watch.

And forecasted figures for Apple Watch sales have only boosted up the confidence of app developers. According to recent reports, Apple has ordered five million Apple Watch devices to be manufactured for just the first run, covering probably just one running quarter of the device’s sales. According to analyst estimates, over 20 million Apple Watch devices will be sold by the end of 2015.

These estimate figures suggest a highly profitable app industry, one which early developers such as Breslan are looking forward to capitalize on once the device launches all over the world.

The Apple Watch will allow applications to run primarily on the connected Apple device, which would be connected to the Apple Watch device via the latest Bluetooth 4.0 to operate seamlessly. The Apple Watch has a good enough battery life to support even the heaviest of apps.

However, according to developers, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has put on restrictions on the number of features apps on the Apple Watch can carry by providing a limited interface to developers. This has made app development on the small-screened Apple device much easier, allowing more developers to enter the market with their applications.