Presidential Spending Throughout History

How The Government Spends Your Tax Dollars

Throughout history the way our government and presidents spend money has been a huge debate. Now for the first time you can view an infographic that depicts exactly where your hard earned tax dollars have gone.

Which president do you think has wasted the most money during his term in office?

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  • Jackson

    Am I the only one who thinks this is stupid? Congress spends money, not the president



  • Dianne Stanley

    This is three years old. How about an update?

    • Time, money and resources. I will add it to my list to-do list but I can’t make any promises about when it will happen.

  • Brian

    What you need to look at is how the percentages of where the money is going hasnt changed at all, and neither have the revenues the country is producing (with all of the tax cuts its no surprise that Obama has the highest gdp to spending ratio. also the constant outsourcing of jobs and production to other countries is dragging our gdp numbers down and obama certainly cant be blamed for that. i know ill get some “but the climate hes created in the country has caused instability and the “unknown” future of our tax code “stopping people from hiring” is a red herring, people werent hiring under bush either when the tax code was static and people were paying next to no taxes.

    Im not saying obama is an end all be all, we need a serious sea change in the way our country is governed, but its horribly misleading to try and put the blame for our current situation on any one person, especially the president who works in a governmental system that is set up for obstructionism and corporate pandering with no real interest in the support of its populace. also worth mentioning is that there is next to nothing that the president can do unilaterally, did everyone forget 2nd grade level civics when you learn about checks and balances and the THREE branches of govt.?

    • JeromeD

      “All of the tax cuts” ?
      Under Obama, US corporate tax has overtaken Japan’s to become the highest in the world. And then we feign surprise and outrage when corporations try to avoid it by parking their revenue overseas.

      In addition to increasing the base corporate tax significantly, the Obama administration has given us: an increased insurance payroll tax on high-earners (from 2.9% to 3.8%)…a higher taxable base rate by limiting the amounts that we can deposit in FLEX accounts (to avoid taxation), crazy high taxes on everything (40% tax on ‘cadillac’ health plans)…pay-to-play taxes on big pharma as a % of market revenue (VERY odd tax for a ‘free market’ system) that they will extract from customers…

      It’s a LONG list.

      As for putting the blame on one person, didn’t Obama do that with Bush for the first 4 years or so? Didn’t the administration’s supporters do just that, as well? You mention the three branches of govt: For the first 2 years, the administration had super-majorities in the house and senate. Why wouldn’t they even pass a budget?

      Additionally, your claim that a static tax code under Bush also saw “no hiring” is the red herring. And factually inaccurate.
      It’s basic economics: when there’s tons of confusion over what each additional worker will cost you, you don’t hire. There was no confusion in the Bush years. There has been nothing *but* that here. Now the confusion is dismissed; we KNOW what it will cost: A lot more.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s not forget that the economy is not a one man show. For what it’s worth, I believe Obama is doing the best he can with the pieces of the puzzle that are on the table. Does anyone truly believe that he would act otherwise? He’s obviously an intelligent man and there are so many different components to keep in mind. To pin the success of the whole economy on one man takes away from all of our input. A good chunk of the economy is controlled by the private sector, an environment which Obama personally has very little influence. If anything, this guy deserves a salute for putting up with all of the slander taking the bull by the horns, while the private sector gets to sit back comfortably from a veiled distance.

  • College kid

    OK, pro-Obama… you really just proved that most of Obama’s supporters are uneducated and really have no idea why they voted for obama.

    “All you anti-Obama lil bitches need to shut your faces.” “You BEST BETTER*** think for yourselves and let shit raddle*** through those brains for yours” “ignorant (Word used by people who need a word to call someone and still TRY sounding smart.)” “FUCK OBAMA BANDWAGON.”

    You jumped on the “it’s cool to vote for obama” bandwagon just like every young “ignorant” voter who doesnt know whats good for their country.

    • Dianne Stanley

      You do not sound like a college kid. You barely sound like a high school kid.

  • Anonymous

    Guys, the spending has been on a steady rise.

  • Ron Paul

    Obama wasn’t smart enough to be the President.

  • PRO Obama

    All you anti-Obama lil bitches need to shut your faces. You all really dont know what the fuck your talkin about! President Obama is trying his best to stimulate the economy and keep your parents in the fuckin workforce, not to mention the economy was already in trouble because of George W. Bush’s fucked up economic decisions and whats worse is the senate is trying their best to work against him so there hasnt been any real change about.

    You best better think for yourselves and let shit raddle through those brains for yours before you consider making accusations that Obama aint doing what he deems best for the Economy. If any of you ignorant fools think george W. Bush did a better job, then your no more the PUPPET he was when you decided 2 jump on the FUCK OBAMA BANDWAGON.

  • Tobi

    Yes John Obama sucks and his approval rating is all the evidence anyone needs.

    Oh and another genuis idea by Obama wanting to have Israel go back to pre-1967 borders. He only made even more of a fool out of himself with that ridiculous request. The only reason this guy got in to office to begin with was because people thought it was “cool” to vote for him.

    The next election will show that this was a speed bump error on the part of the American people.

  • John

    Really? So nothing is thought out? Everything he does is just throwing money at it? Dumb statement.

  • Werlow

    I’d be more concernced with this mysterious “other”

  • Jen

    Keep in mind that Obama came into his Presidency and had a huge mess to clean up. While he did start the health care plan, most of the spending that has been going on is stuff that Bush put in place. Also, Obama didn’t start two wars and then walk away. If you want to complain about money going to the wrong places, complain about the wars first and everything else second.

  • Anonymous

    It just means how far our dollar is devalued, the cost of nothing has risen.

  • debt

    Tobi check out this picture here it shows who the U.S currently owes money to. Looks like it may be a little out of date but you can get a pretty good idea

  • Tobi

    Yes there was some spending during the Great Depression and it is needed to get us out of the current recession. The problem is the spending going on right now has spiraled out of control and there is no end in sight.

    Our national deficit is so huge that other countries own us right now. Take China for example we owe them around 850 billion dollars from what I remember and that’s just one country. The new health care plan in my opinion is one the biggest wastes of money our government has ever taken on.

    You can’t just throw money at problems and hope that it fixes them and that’s what Obama does.

  • think again

    There is this little thing called getting us out of recession. Even cent of government spending is somebody’s paycheck. Albeit, a lot of it goes to the wrong places, but just like after the Great Depression there was a lot of stimulation of the economy through government spending.

  • Obama Sucks

    Thanks Obama good job at running our country further into debt. I’m glad you stuck to your word and are turning this economy around, not!