Dogecoin founder isn’t interested in $500,000 VC funding offer

Over the past two months, dogecoin, a cryptocurrency akin to bitcoin but is inflationary rather than deflationary, has grown in immense popularity. It has helped Olympic athletes achieve their dreams by competing in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games, while holding fundraisers to … [Read more...]

Twitter Inc. (TWTR) lock-up ends tomorrow increasing available shares by 12%

Tomorrow, Twitter Inc. (NASDAQ:TWTR) insiders will finally get the opportunity to sell their shares of the stock. This may be a treat since Twitter's stock market price has doubled since its debut in November. The amount of non-executive employees' shares goes up to 9.87 million. … [Read more...]

Twitter’s next big move could be data licensing

With Twitter's (TWTR) recent stock market woes--investors are wondering where Twitter should direct its attention moving forward. It is obvious that the time for a major technology update has come, but there are also areas where Twitter could stand to improve. Since big data and … [Read more...]

Can Twitter regain shareholder confidence and share price?

On Thursday, February 06, 2014, Twitter Inc. (TWTR) saw its share price descend by 24%. Investors were disappointed by its earnings report on Wednesday. Twitter conveyed slowed user expansion and timeline views for the fourth quarter. In addition, analysts expected the company to have … [Read more...]

Did Dogecoin just kill its community or add fuel to a rapidly growing user base

In a digital currency market where most virtual currencies are deflationary, Dogecoin, the Shiba-based cryptocurrency, is acting like the Federal Reserve System and will allow circulation to grow by five billion each year. Jackson Palmer, the creator of Dogecoin, confirmed that the … [Read more...]

Dogecoin Value on the Rise: Much Coin – Such Profit – So Wow

Everyone may be talking about bitcoin and litecoin, two of the most valuable digital currencies in the cryptocurrency industry, but one new virtual currency, which is based on an Internet meme, is gaining traction. Dogecoin, established seven weeks ago, is now the fifth most … [Read more...]