FCC Issues Ruling on Washington Redskins Name

Whether or not the Washington Redskins name is offensive or nor has been fiercely debated for months now. From the Obama administration to sports analysts, everyone has given their two cents on the matter. But now a government agency has chimed in. The Federal Communications … [Read more...]

Child Abuse Case Won’t Hinder Adrian Peterson’s Vikings Career

Reinstated After Indictment According to CBS News, Adrian Peterson was reinstated today despite the fact that he has been indicted in the state of Texas on charges of child abuse. The Minnesota Vikings star running back has allegedly used a wooden spoon as well as a belt and a … [Read more...]

Ray Rice vs. Janay Rice: She’s Not So Innocent

Ray Rice Suspended for Spousal Abuse NFL running back Ray Rice was recently released from the Baltimore Ravens and suspended from the NFL after a video was released by TMZ which showed Rice punching his now-wife in the face. The video shows Rice hit Janay in the face hard enough to … [Read more...]

Hardcore Footbal Fans Need Two Screens to Watch One Game

The 2014 NFL season kicked off Thursday night between the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers. With linebackers, quarterbacks and running backs returning to the grid irons, fans are also heading back to their sofa to watch the big games. But, according to one NFL executive, they … [Read more...]

Fantasy Sports Industry Generating Millions of Dollars and Users

Are you an occasional fantasy sports user who plays in the free leagues for baseball or basketball or are you an avid fantasy sports aficionado who plays in the pay-to-play leagues in all of the professional sports? Either way, you’re one of the 42 million American and Canadians aged … [Read more...]