Men Now Allowed to Use Women’s Showers in Houston

Houston’s lesbian Mayor Annise Parker has been a busy bee in regards to fighting for the rights of the gay and lesbian community, but has she completely stomped on the rights of the straight community while doing so? A few weeks ago, Pfhub reported on the mayor’s outrageous demands for Houston area pastors to turn in their sermons for review. Now Parker has gone so far as to sign into law an ordinance which allows men to enter women’s restrooms, showers, and dressing rooms…and vice versus, according to Truth and Action.

Equal Rights Ordinance Passed “After Intense Debate”

According to MSNBC, Houston’s city council approved a new “equal rights ordinance” after an intense debate which included such voices as Mike Huckabee. “H.E.R.O.” (Houston Equal Rights Ordinance) is said to protect those other than just the gay and lesbian community, and has provisions for prohibiting discrimination “based on “sex, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, familial status, marital status, military status, religion, disability, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity, or pregnancy.”

Bathroom Clause Removed, Lawsuits Still Allowed

In the original draft of HERO, there was a bathroom clause, which stated, Section 17-51 (b) “It shall be unlawful for any place of public accommodation or any employee or agent thereof to deny any person entry to any restroom, shower room, or similar facility if that facility is consistent with and appropriate to that person’s expression of gender identity. It shall be a defense to prosecution for discrimination on the basis of gender identity under this article, however, if the defendant had a good faith belief that the gender or gender identity of the person discriminated against was not consistent with the gender designation of the facility.”


What many reporters and news sites are failing to reveal however, is that this section of the ordinance was removed before it was signed into law. There is still one issue, however, according to MSNBC, “The clause was ultimately removed, but transgender people can still file a discrimination complaint under the process outlined for all protected classes.” This means that men can still enter a women’s restroom, and vice versus, and if they are stopped, they can file a discrimination suit. So, what was the purpose of removing the clause? Gary Alanis, a Houston resident who opposes the ordinance and spoke at Wednesday’s City Council meeting explained, “It’s a threat to our wives, our children and our grandchildren knowing that our spouses and children may be exposed to potential sexual predators disguising themselves as transgenders.”

What Do You Think?

While it is important to protect the rights of our citizens, it is not possible to please everyone. It is also not lawful nor moral to protect the rights of a few by stomping on the rights of others. The right to personal safety is one that should trump the right to express your sexuality. No woman should be afraid that when she takes her little girl to the restroom, some pedophile may be in there posing as a transgender just to feed his sick desires. Removing the clause did nothing but trick those opposed to it into passing the law, since those who are denied entrance into restrooms of the opposite sex can still file lawsuits. Some may feel being politically correct and/or allowing “gay pride” is the right thing to do, but no one’s feelings should cause our children to be placed in danger. What do you think? Comments welcomed below.