Americas National Debt

Who Owns Americas National Debt Owing 20 billions dollars to Mexico is nothing in comparison to the 799 billion America owes to China. Will we ever be able to dig our way out of debt or will it continue to spiral out of control? Who's to blame for the huge deficit we find … [Read more...]

Typical American Family Financial Management

40% Of Americans Have No Retirement Savings! I wasn't surprised to learn that the typical American family's finances are in chaos. With the average family having a combined savings of less than $4000 dollars and making less than $44,000 dollars per year it's no wonder the economy … [Read more...]

Presidential Spending Throughout History

How The Government Spends Your Tax Dollars Throughout history the way our government and presidents spend money has been a huge debate. Now for the first time you can view an infographic that depicts exactly where your hard earned tax dollars have gone. Which president do you … [Read more...]

American Spending Trends

How Much Money Do You Think The Average American Spends? From 2002 - 2008 the average American family spent $50,486 to maintain their lifestyle. This covers everything from housing and food expenses to transportation and entertainment. Which way do you think these numbers are … [Read more...]

How Big is the US Trade Deficit – MASSIVE!

When will our government step up and stop the ludicrous spending? The US deficit is growing at such a rapid pace by the time you view this infographic it will already be out of date! … [Read more...]

The Incredible Facebook Economy

Your Facebook Page is Worth $136.00 Dollars Have you ever wondered how much Facebook is worth or maybe how much money Facebook is making off you? To give you an example the average Facebook page is worth around 136.00 dollars. A popular Facebook page like South Park is worth an … [Read more...]

Student Loans: What They Don’t Want You To Know

Don't Worry College Only Costs $148,454.00 & 10 Years of Your Life Your parents have always told you an education is the be-all and end-all. What they didn't tell you is that the average college student will owe $148,454.00 dollars when they graduate and it will take about 10 years … [Read more...]

Certificate of Deposits

Do Certificate of Deposits Still Good Investments? This infographic about certificate of deposits (CDs) will teach you about the different types of CDs available. From a traditional CD to a callable CD find out which investment vehicle suits your needs the best. At the bottom of … [Read more...]