National Income Accounting

National Income Accounting System to measure economic activity in a country during a specific period; used by government. … [Read more...]

Net Change

Net Change Difference between the last trade executed in a day and the last trade executed the previous trading day. … [Read more...]

Negative Pledge Clause

Negative Pledge Clause Stipulation or covenant in a bond requiring borrower or issuer to give lenders a claim or lien that equals what is offered to current unsecured lenders in future. … [Read more...]

Multifactor CAPM

Multifactor CAPM Variant of Merton’s capital asset pricing model taking into account ‘factors’ or out of market risks. … [Read more...]

Naive Diversification

Naive Diversification Strategy used by investor to spread investment over several assets of different types to lower the variance of return expected from the portfolio as a whole. Also see: Markowitz diversification. … [Read more...]

Naked Option Strategies

Naked Option Strategies Strategy that is not hedged and that uses either a technique of buying call options (long call strategy), buying put options (long put strategy), selling put options (short put strategy) or selling call options (short call strategy). These strategies are … [Read more...]


NASDAQ A purely electronic exchange where quotes are listed and trades are completed on electronic media. Stands for National Association of Securities Dealers Automatic Quotation System. Popularly traded common stocks in OTC market are listed on this exchange. About 4000 common … [Read more...]

National Futures Association (NFA)

National Futures Association (NFA) Self-regulatory body set up in 1982 for supervising and regulating futures industry. … [Read more...]

National Market

National Market Also see: internal market. Domestic and overseas market within a country. Gives the supply and demand for securities transacted here. … [Read more...]


Nationalization Change from private ownership to government control in a company. … [Read more...]

Natural Logarithm

Natural Logarithm Value of 2.7183, approximately. Logarithm to base e. … [Read more...]

Near Term

Near Term A term used to signify short term. … [Read more...]


Nearby Also see: deferred futures. Most recent month when active trading took place in commodity futures market or financial market. … [Read more...]

Nearby Futures Contract

Nearby Futures Contract Contract with nearest settlement date when many futures contracts are compared. Any contract that settles immediately after this one is the next and so on with the contract settling farthest in time being called the most distant futures contract. Used to … [Read more...]

Negative Amortization

Negative Amortization When principal due in a loan increases with time instead of decreasing or amortizing, it is termed negative amortization. May happen when monthly repayments do not adequately cover the entire amount needed to reduce principal balance. The outstanding principal … [Read more...]

Negative Butterfly

Negative Butterfly Shift in yield that is not parallel. Short and long-term yields fall to a greater extent than other maturity rates. … [Read more...]

Negative Carry

Negative Carry Also see: net financing cost. Cost of a position on an investment where its cost of carry is higher than income currently derived from it. … [Read more...]

Negative Convexity

Negative Convexity Phenomenon found in bond securities that increase in price is high when yield improves but price does not fall to the same degree when yield declines. … [Read more...]

Negative Covenant

Negative Covenant Stipulation or covenant with a bond that restricts the issuer from specific actions without approval from bond holders. … [Read more...]

Negative Duration

Negative Duration When price of mortgage backed security (MBS) moves in line with interest rates. … [Read more...]