Financial Intermediaries

Financial Intermediaries Entities or institutions that perform the role of linking lenders and traders to borrowers. … [Read more...]


Fixed-Dates Terminology used in Euromarket. Refers to the standard periods of trading for Euros. The period may range between 1 month out and a year out. … [Read more...]

Forced Conversion

Forced Conversion Calling in of convertible security by issuer. This prompts bondholders to exercise their conversion option. … [Read more...]

Foreign Currency Translation

Foreign Currency Translation Accounting process that involves representation of subsidiaries’ foreign currency accounts in terms of the reporting currency that is used by parent company. Consolidated financial accounts are generated thus. … [Read more...]

Federal Financing Bank

Federal Financing Bank Federal government institution that makes loans to various federal credit agencies from funds obtained from U.S. Treasury borrowings. … [Read more...]

Forward Market

Forward Market The market wherein participants formally agree to trade commodities, securities, or foreign exchange to be delivered in future at a price fixed today. … [Read more...]

Futures Contract Multiple

Futures Contract Multiple Exchange specified constant that is multiplied by the price of a future to give a stock index based futures contract’s dollar value. … [Read more...]

Financial Crisis

Financial Crisis Situation where the value of a financial institution or asset declines quickly. Often associated with a run on the banks, where most investors sell off assets or withdraw money based on fears that the value of those assets will drop if they are not withdrawn. … [Read more...]

Factor Portfolio

Factor Portfolio Adequately and highly diversified portfolio constructed so as to have a beta of 1.0 over one factor and on other factors, beta of zero. … [Read more...]

Face value

Face value See: Par value. Amount stated on bond/ stock certificate. … [Read more...]


Factor Buyer of a company’s accounts receivables, who/ that also collects the debts. Normally, a financial institution carries out these activities. … [Read more...]

Factor Analysis

Factor Analysis A procedure used in statistics that analyses a specific phenomenon. For example, an explanation for return on a common stock, given on basis of behavior of a class of factors that are predictive. … [Read more...]

Factor Model

Factor Model Method used in breaking up the factors that impact a security's return rate into common influences and company -specific ones. … [Read more...]

Factory Orders

Factory Orders Economic indicator showing the dollar value of fresh factory orders for durable and non-durable goods. The report is released by the Commerce Department’s Census Bureau every month and generally follows the durable goods orders report. … [Read more...]


Factoring The purchase of a company’s accounts receivable by a factor (financial institution). … [Read more...]


Fail A fail occurs in a trade when the seller does not on deliver securities in the form agreed upon in the contract or buyer does not deliver funds in the form agreed upon in the contract. … [Read more...]

Fair Game

Fair Game Zero risk premium investment prospect. … [Read more...]

Fair Market Price

Fair Market Price Also called market price. Price at which the asset changes hands between parties who both have knowledge of all relevant information. … [Read more...]

Fair Price

Fair Price Also termed theoretical futures price. Price of futures contracts that is deemed equilibrium price, equaling spot price when it is continuously compounded at the rate of cost of carry for a given period. … [Read more...]

Fair Price Provision

Fair Price Provision Refer: appraisal rights. Shareholders’ rights to ask for independently appraised fair price for shares in a merger. … [Read more...]