Long Call Market Neutral Positioning

In the last article, I discussed a simple strategy for hedging out macroeconomic risks in a particularly turbulent market. However, the market neutral equity strategy described has a very serious risk implication on its own. Specifically, a market neutral equity strategy requires a … [Read more...]

Understanding Market Neutral Positions

Volatility can be a tough pill to swallow, especially when it can have such a large daily impact on your personal savings portfolio. However managing volatility as a personal investor can sometimes be overwhelming, in that there are so many confusing strategies available to choose … [Read more...]

Short Put Market Neutral Positioning

The final market neutral position that I’d like to examine in this week’s series is called a short put strategy. It is similar to the previously discussed long call position in that they are opposite positions to the same effect. However, the main difference between the two positions … [Read more...]