Apple Inc. Targets the Health Sector to Ensure iWatch Success

iWatch – Apple Inc’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) wearable that is up against all odds; why? Because similar gadgets launched by Apple’s competitors have failed to capture the market. It takes more than just a few features to impress the modern generation of tech-savvy consumers, who want every aspect of their requirement covered in one device; Samsung failed to do it with its smartwatch; therefore it won’t be wrong to say that Tim Cook’s iWatch vision cannot be guaranteed success.

However, Apple has a history – almost whatever it touches turns to gold simply because of the company’s brand power. They did it with iPod, when portable music devices were not doing that great in the market. Apple ventured into the category and revitalized its market.

The smart move on part of Apple was that it legitimized everything. Before the release of iPod, analysts were concerned that Apple will have legal issue problems with music companies and musicians about the rights of their songs.  But eventually Apple struck a lucrative deal with music companies to sell their songs on iTunes.

What made the difference for Apple? A proper business strategy!


Apple Inc. will have to do the same with its iWatch. And apparently it is already making efforts to ensure it strikes the right chord with this gadget. It is believed that the company is targeting health and fitness with its iWatch. Wearable technology appeals a lot to those who wants to keep a track of their fitness statistics. That is why Apple is trying to penetrate into the health sector with iWatch. But analysts forecast that Apple will face a wall of privacy issues.

Analysts state that Apple will have to ensure that its health related apps will have impregnable security because patient privacy is an extremely sensitive issue. The iCloud debacle has raised a lot of eyebrows on the level of privacy that is being offered by Apple Inc. currently. Patient Privacy has to meet strict guidelines defined by Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which Apple will have to keep in mind while designing its health apps.

Apple lined up a team of its top employees to work on the iWatch with utmost discretion. Even though everyone expects iWatch to be unveiled this Tuesday, most of the market is not sure about what exactly will the gadget offer. Despite all the disappointing results for its competitors, iWatch might just be the ace of spades for Apple.

Apple has a reputation of dealing with everything in a legitimate way. They integrated music with their iTunes store for iPod to take care of piracy issues. It is quite obvious Apple will join hands with the healthcare industry to bring legitimacy to its health apps as well. It has to be an extremely professional approach from Apple’s part because patient privacy issue is the last thing Apple needs just after launching its iWatch.

We all know Apple Inc’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iWatch product design will have no major flows. But according to Taft Stettinius & Hollister partner, Mark A. McAndrew, it will come down to the kind of support the company will get from its partners, which include healthcare and medical technology organizations and app developers.