You Want Better Battery Life for Your iPhone? Use it Less!

Apple’s iPhone 6 has broken records in terms of sales and with a market cap of around $700 billion the tech giant has become the most valuable company in the world. But…even Apple cannot give you more battery time…or will not?

Battery has always been an issue when it comes to smartphones; the sleek designs and the flurry of apps you can use on your phone have increased the phone usage, but manufacturers so far have not successfully solved the short battery life issue of their smartphones. With sleek bodies and consumer demand for lighter weight phones, it seems a little unlikely that we will get a smartphone with a longer battery life anytime soon.

Same is the issue with iPhone 6 and its ancestors. The phone has to be charged on a daily basis by an average user, which can pose problems especially if you have to travel. And this is one of the issues that have resulted in a lot of complaints from even the most loyal Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) fans.

The design Chief Jony Ive of Apple understands the issue, but does not believe that  iPhone users need bigger batteries.

iPhone battery

According to Jony Ive the iPhone battery runs out so quickly because its users fall in love with the shape and look of the phone and the fact that it is so light. As a result they use it more and when they use it more its battery dies quickly. Fair enough!

He further said that if Apple were to put a bigger battery in your phone, it would become heavier, which means users will not like holding it more and therefore will not use it more, which means they won’t use the battery and it would last longer.

Now there would be two types of responses to this logic given by the chief iPhone designer. Some would see it as extremely arrogant and consider Apple a villain for not bothering to address their users concerns and satisfying them by saying that the company will do something about it, but they will continue to use the phone. While others will agree with the logic given by Jony Ive and continue to love both the company and their iPhone, they too will continue to use their iPhone.

When the end result is users not switching to other smartphones then why would Apple sacrifice its design to satisfy its customers?

To be very honest, a consumer will complain no matter what; if your iPhone came out with a heavier battery the market would go crazy with verdicts saying Apple has lost its design edge; with lighter phones consumers will continue to complain about the battery life, so the logical thing for the company is to keep doing what it is doing because it so far has been good enough to make Apple the most valuable company in the world.

With its Apple Watch coming to stores soon, an electric car in the pipe line, virtual reality being explored, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) could care less how often you have to charge your phone. Because as far as the company is concerned you wanted a bigger sized phone you got one.

It may sound very harsh but it is true! But then it’s just one man’s opinion.