Will Apple TV be Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL)’s Big CES News This Year?

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) shares remained in the to 540’s as of midday Thursday as post-fiscal cliff trading continues (closed at 542.10 down 1.6%). It appears rumors that the firm may acquire Waze (or may not if you take a hard look at the facts) have not had much affect on share price. Though it has been confirmed that decision makers from both companies are in talks, an actual transaction seems a long way off if not a distant reality.

$500 million is far below Waze’s asking price, and even though Apple’s purchase of the well-performing tech start up could give Google Maps a run for its money—Waze is clearly in a good position no matter what decision is made and Apple appears to be trying to buy its way out of a problem. A decision on one may be slow in coming if these talks aren’t merely for show, valuation or just to stoke the never-ending rumor mill.

To me it seems the most probable solution for Apple is to partner with Waze and include the app preloaded for the next gen of phones and tablets as the firm once did with Google product.

Apple TVIn other speculation concerning the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) rumor machine, Mashable’s Ben Parr asserts that the Cuppertino firm’s shadow will still loom large at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, even without a big product being speculated upon like Apple TV. The firm normally dominates conversation that takes place in the hallways and backrooms even though it’s never a participant in the event. Parr speculates that the number of rumors this year is enough to make sufficient buzz for Apple, and cited the recent development of speculation on iOS 7, moving A6X production away from Samsung, the multiple color/size iPhone rumor, (which he immediately debunked) iPad Mini 2 with a Retina Display, and a Bluetooth iOS watch.

Parr, who specializes in reviewing all things mobile also suggested that Apple should buy Waze at any cost. “Do what it takes to acquire Waze. Waze’s team, data, and technology are stellar, and you’d vastly improve Maps if you acquired Waze.”

Though Apple is clearly still strategizing to drive consumer confidence for its apps, it appears ABI Research has awarded the App Store with a top rating. The way Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) implements content is key in this figure, as it soared above Google Play, Windows Phone app store and RIM’s Blackberry App World. Some major features that help connect consumers and apps are Apple’s effective approach to monetization, their large market share over the app industry, and the continued ability to achieve a large inventory of titles while maintaining a reasonably strict quality control.

It seems to me that apps are also clearly going to be one of the major battle grounds for supremacy in the smartphone and tablet game in 2013, as Apple and Google account for the highest number of total apps in the combined marketplace. Ever other firm trails behind in both hardware and number of apps for offer, so the two tech titans are going to be on everyone’s list to watch.

Do you think Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) should try to aquire Waze and will Apple TV be the huge hit a CES this year?

  • Kate Morgan

    Not yet. But if Google continues putting out superior apps and Apple doesn’t step up its game in producing them–it might lose the stranglehold it currently has.

    • michael suozzi

      It’s still Android; which cannot moenetize it’s users like AAPL can.
      APP makers will be paid more if their APP can make money.
      Location-Location-Location……AAPL is a better neighborhood

      • GuaranteedEtern

        What matters is which platforms consumers choose – and they are choosing Android in larger and larger numbers.

  • michael suozzi

    Both……Also, Google is no threat to AAPL APPS.

    • GuaranteedEtern

      No threat? Is that why Apple is fighting a proxy war against Android through it’s lawsuits against Samsung and other Android vendors?