Why It’s Difficult To Save Money

Chapter 1: Saving Money
Chapter 2: Why It’s Difficult To Save Money
Chapter 3: How To Save Money Every Month
Chapter 4: Where and How To Invest Your Money

Everybody wants to save, but not all do. There are several reasons why you may fail to save, some of them being:

  • Not Enough Money – No amount of money is ever going to be ‘enough’. Making all ends meet without running into debt takes a lot of work. If your income is not even sufficient to meet all your needs, it is not going to be easy to save.
  • Spending Habits – Even when you are earning sufficient money, you may not be able to save any of it. The root of this problem lies in your spending habits. Your habit of spending more money than you earn leaves you completely dependant on your credit cards by the end of month, resulting in mounting debts.
  • Too Much Debt – Another reason many people fail to save money is too much debt. Saving money becomes impossible when all your surplus income goes towards clearing old debts. The more debts you have, the more time it takes to start saving money.
  • Don’t Know Where To Start – It is possible that you are not able to save simply because you don’t know how to start saving. Savings planning might sound complicated, but you can start your savings by the simple act of collecting all the extra change in a jar.

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