Vanguard World Funds & Consumer Staples Index Fund

Last series of posts, I summarized and compared a set of somewhat aggressive utilities funds. Since then, the markets have become even more volatile, and the market is predicted to continue regressing into instability. In honour of these predictions, I’d like to spend this week evaluating an even more conservative selection of mutual funds.

This series, I will focus in on comparing a set of three Consumer Staples funds. By focusing in on the staples, I hope to demonstrate how it is that even some of the most boring investments (ie. Groceries) can prove to be extremely lucrative investment opportunities for an investor seeking stability.

Specifically, this week I will be looking into Vanguard World Funds’ Consumer Staples Index Fund (VCSAX), RYDEX Series Funds’ Consumer Products Funds (RYCIX), and Fidelity Select Portfolio’s Consumer Staple’s Fund (FDFAX).

Objective & Strategy

Objective & Strategies

Comparative Performance & Benchmarking

comparative performance & benchmarking



Capital Requirements & Fees

capital requirements

Risk Metrics

risk metrics



In the next post, I will be making sense of all the numbers presented today.