Steve Forbes: Defund IRS to object to Obama’s alleged executive abuse

Since entering the Oval Office, President Obama has been accused of abusing his power and expanding the role of the executive branch by bypassing Congress, signing executive orders and, as his critics accuse of him, possibly using the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) akin to President Richard Nixon.

Opponents are now presenting the case that lawmakers need to protest the president’s growing executive power. One solution put forward is to defund the IRS in order to put this issue in the public eye and to generate political discourse over the role of the executive branch.

Publishing an op-ed piece on, Steve Forbes, Forbes Media chairman and editor-in-chief, wrote that the allegations that the IRS has been facing for more than a year is “symptomatic of the Obama administration.” Modifying laws by executive power is a step in the wrong direction, says Forbes.

Barack Obama“Changing the law by executive fiat, creating law by executive decree, and abusing the law by employing police powers in federal agencies all fundamentally pervert and threaten the foundation of this Republic,” Forbes wrote, who noted the Republicans will win majorities in the House and Senate this year and Obama would be under scrutiny if he vetoed any and all bills put in front of him.

“Defenders of liberty, especially Republicans, must now think and act strategically. This means concerted campaigns must be launched to educate the public on what’s taking place. It means attacking smartly and with focus.”

The educational campaign must commence now, according to Forbes, who cited the latest “Supreme Court smackdown of the President’s illegal recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board.” This should then lead to the IRS debacle, which could then initiate a defunding scheme.

Forbes further explained that there can no longer be any resolutions that allow the IRS to continue its operations as usual – of course, if a bill is needed to avoid a government shutdown then pass it – but legislation should cut off funds to the IRS until the scandals are fully investigated and concluded.

In an interview with Fox News, Forbes proposed only keeping a few employees to process returns.

The IRS has been accused of honing in on conservative and Tea Party groups – in addition to a handful of left-wing organizations – who sought tax-exempt status. The IRS has also claimed it has lost emails sent by former IRS official Lois Lerner, who pleaded the Fifth Amendment to avoid testifying about her role in the matter.

President Obama has dismissed any proposed lawsuits brought forward by Republican lawmakers. He essentially called it a stunt, but his opponents say the president is violating the constitution by often using the controversial executive power.

The Founding Fathers established a government that would not permit one person or entity to have too much control and power. This is why they created three separate branches of government: executive, legislative and judicial. In this case, it protected the minority from the majority and prevented one specific body of government from having enhanced authority.