Obama Lays Out the Red Carpet for Terrorists and Illegal Aliens

Terrorism in the News

In a post last week on Pfhub, readers learned how Americans were unwittingly supporting ISIS in the aftermath of the beheading of an American photo-journalist James Foley. Sadly, however, recent news exposes the fact that the American President may also be supporting terrorists, and worse, may know exactly what he is doing. After all, it’s not like he hasn’t been warned.

Governor Rick Perry Warns Terrorists May Enter via Mexico

In a report from The New York Times, Texas Governor Rick Perry warned Americans that, “militants from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and other terrorist groups may have already slipped across the Mexican border.” Perry explained that, “I think there is the obvious, great concern that — because of the condition of the border from the standpoint of it not being secure and us not knowing who is penetrating across — that individuals from ISIS or other terrorist states could be.” Perry feels that illegal immigration “should be considered a national security and economic problem.” But these types of warnings came much sooner than Governor Perry’s two cents.

US Mexican Border

Congressional Report Ties Middle East Terrorists to Mexican Drug Cartels

In a 2012 Congressional Report from the House Homeland Security Committee Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations and Management stated that there were ties between the Mexican Drug Cartels and terrorists from the Middle East. That’s terrorists such as Al Qaeda. That’s terrorists such as ISIS. The report, given almost two years ago, shows that the “Southwest border has now become the greatest threat of terrorist infiltration into the United States.”

“The presence of Hezbollah in Latin America is partially explained by the large Lebanese diaspora in South America,” the report reads. “In general, Hezbollah enjoys support by many in the Lebanese world community in part because of the numerous social programs it provides in Lebanon that include schools, hospitals, utilities and welfare.” The Daily Caller shares that, “the report found that Hezbollah’s relationship with Mexican drug cartels has been documented as early as 2005.”

What this means is that since before even taking power, the Obama Administration has been aware of the threat that an open Mexican border means to our country’s citizens, and yet he still refuses to close that border. He also supports illegal aliens by creating laws and making executive orders which benefit them.

Obama to Use Executive Action to Welcome Millions of Illegals

Early this month, it was announced by The Washington Post that President Obama was “preparing to announce new measures that would potentially allow millions of illegal immigrants to remain in the United States without fear of deportation, a politically explosive decision that could jolt Washington just weeks before the midterm elections, according to people who have been in touch with the White House.” The plan would offer both legal protection and job permits to literally millions of people who are in America illegally. A few states, such as Arkansas and Louisiana feel that the president is taking his power trip too far. Others feel that he is purposely allowing terrorists to enter America via the Mexican border. Still others think that he is simply trying to win the Hispanic vote for the Democrats.

White House Proposals Could Double Annual Number of Immigrants

The Washington Post revealed today that, “The White House is considering proposals from business and immigrant rights groups that are pressing President Obama to provide hundreds of thousands of new green cards for high-tech workers and the relatives of U.S. citizens and permanent residents.” The report goes on to say, “The outside proposals delivered to the White House would more than double the number of people allowed into the country on employment- and family-based green cards from the annual global cap of 366,000, according to estimates from some of the advocacy groups.”

Why Put Our Citizens In Danger?

We have all seen the reports of ranchers being killed by illegals. There are also stories of rapists, child molesters, drunk drivers, and armed robbers who were all illegal aliens before they destroyed the lives of American citizens. Why would we continue to allow people to enter our country illegally? Just the very act of entering into America without going through the proper channels is illegal, which means that anyone doing so is already a criminal.

Why is our president not only allowing criminals to enter the country, but encouraging them? Didn’t September 11th teach us anything? Those terrorists came into our country, attended our schools, learned to fly our planes, and used that knowledge to slaughter over two thousand of our citizens. Why would we ever open the borders to a country with known ties to such monsters?