60% of the World Has Never Surfed the Web

Despite the ubiquity of Internet-connected devices, more than half of the planet still has yet to access the World Wide Web, says a new study published Monday by Facebook-led Internet.org. The "State of Connectivity: A Report on Global Internet Access" report highlights the fact … [Read more...]

Apple Inc. Loses Another Patent Trial Costing Them $533 Million

Apple is no stranger to lawsuits, and the company emerges successful most of the time it comes under fire in the courtroom. However, at the conclusion of a long-running patent trial, Apple has lost the war to Smartflash, a Texas-based company, and has been charged by the court to pay … [Read more...]

Reddit Enforcing New Rules Regarding Revenge Porn

Reddit announced Tuesday that it is updating its privacy policy as part of efforts to prohibit users from posting nude, sexual and graphic images and videos without the consent of the individual(s). The change will take into effect Mar. 10, but the company noted that it's just a first … [Read more...]

Google Inc’s Chromebook Pixel Making a Comeback

And the comeback is expected soon, according to Renee Niemi, a Google employee. Rumors had already been circulating the market regarding the next Google Chromebook Pixel on websites dedicated to providing exclusive content regarding anything related to Google’s two major divisions, … [Read more...]

Google Inc. Says Adiós to Porn Unless it’s Artistic, Educational or Scientific

Don't lose your mind just yet, its only been banned from Google Inc.'s Blogger platform. The search engine juggernaut Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) announced that its Blogger website will not showcase any type of pornography. In an announcement issued to its bloggers who use the … [Read more...]

Smart Watches have no future, Apple Watch Developers Think Otherwise

There has been a thick dubious mist surrounding the launch of the upcoming Apple Watch ever since its inception, which is due to launch sometime in April of this year. Analysts have been debating for the past year (ever since the Apple Watch was announced by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)) … [Read more...]

Is Google Trying to Monopolize its Android Base in Russia?

Well, Yandex, a major search engine competitor of Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) from Russia surely thinks so! The company has just filed an official complaint against Google stating the company is monopolizing competition with its Android OS and as a result of which competitors such … [Read more...]

First Comcast, Now Time Warner Cable Degrades Customer

Since Time Warner Cable is in the midst of merging with Comcast, is the former's staff attempting to outdo the ladder's workforce in terms of uncouth behavior?. Apparently so after a new report found that one Time Warner employee changed a customer's name to something very vulgar and … [Read more...]

Google Inc. Weekly Roundup: GigaPower, Yandex & Music Key

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has been working extremely hard to make its fiber optic project a success; however even before the project could expand substantially it already has its rival, AT&T. The company’s new service called “GigaPower” will soon start operating in Kansas City. … [Read more...]

Apple Inc. Weekly Roundup: Music, Cars & Outrageous Prices

Once again the market is buzzing with rumors about Apple Inc.'s (NASDAQ:AAPL) new upcoming products, Apple Watch and the next iPhone; this however is not it! According to reliable sources, Apple is busy developing its very own music service that will be on-demand. This news will … [Read more...]

YouTube Making Parents Happy with Kid Friendly App

We all adore YouTube. We enjoy the vast digital content selection it offers us. But at times the content can be only shown to mature audiences, which is why the online video juggernaut has unveiled a new application for children. The new app - called YouTube Kids - will feature … [Read more...]

Words You Thought You’d Never Hear, ‘Flip Phone Comeback’

A decade ago, flip phones were all the rage, but fast forward to today and it seems as if what's old is new again, at least in the nation of Japan, where there is a sort of flip phone craze unfolding. Data released by market researcher MM Research Institute (via Reuters) highlights … [Read more...]

Vint Cerf Fears That Current Digital Data May Get Lost Forever

The vice president of Google Vint Cerf has warned that digital materials like photos, blogs, tweets, emails and other official documents including some major historical documents are at a risk of permanently being lost because there are chances that the programs required to view the … [Read more...]

Sitting Has Become the New Cancer According to Tim Cook

How often do you sit during your day? It's likely that you spend most of your day in a chair, both at work and at a home since the average American watches five hours of television per day. Apple CEO Tim Cook told a recent Goldman Sachs technology and Internet audience when … [Read more...]

Apple Increases App Data Size to 4GB Enabling Better Apps

Apple has recently announced an increase in the size limit for app submissions on App Store from 2GB to 4GB. Since 2008 Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) had been accepting submission with a size limit of 2 GB, which was not favored by app developers as they did not have the capacity to create … [Read more...]

Twitter Thinks ‘Niche’ Will Help Them Boost Ad Revenue

Twitter is making a splash in video content. Last month, Twitter announced that it would be establishing a native video player meant to take on the likes of YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. As part of the new rollout, the microblogging network permits verified Twitter users to upload … [Read more...]

Facebook Creates Legacy Contact for Your Death

So...you're going to die eventually, but you better first select an heir apparent for your Facebook profile. Even thinking about one's demise may be quite morose, but it's a necessary fact of life. Although most legal experts will concur that every person should create a will, … [Read more...]

Apple Inc. Hits $700 Billion, How Long Will Investors be Satisfied

Apple became the very United States company to close a trading session with a market capitalization of more than $700 billion. During the Tuesday trading session, Apple's shares rose 1.9 percent to $122.02, which gave the iPhone maker a market value of $710.7 billion, and it keeps … [Read more...]

Google Siphons More Traffic from Websites, This Time the Medical Niche

Medical facts will easily be pulled directly from Google Inc.'s (NASDAQ:GOOG) search results now. Google, staying true to its nature, is adding more and more information to its search engine and this time it’s all medical related. The internet giant is set to add medical … [Read more...]

Next Iteration of iPhone Will Have Advanced Touch Sensor

Excitement for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has not died down yet because with this smartphone Apple first broke its sales records and then posted the best ever quarter results by any public corporation. The company is still milking its latest iPhone and rumors and talks about the next one … [Read more...]