Daggers Allowed in School, Long Hair and Prayers Not

Elementary Student Allowed to Bring Religious Knife to School According to a report from the Associated Press, a Sikh boy is being allowed to bring a religious dagger known as a kirpan to school with him. The report explains that a kirpan is “considered to be an instrument of … [Read more...]

Abortions, Gay Weddings & Freedom of Speech Under Fire

First Amendment Protects Religious Beliefs It seems that there is a new internet outrage each and every day. Sadly, many of these are over religion. While religious actions, feelings, duties, etc should be a personal decision, far too may people seem to be forcing their own … [Read more...]

Religious Discrimination Lawsuit Filed by Rejected Job Applicant

Lawsuit Filed by Rejected Job Applicant According to a report from CBC News, “A Trinity Western University graduate has filed a human rights complaint in British Columbia saying she was “attacked” because she’s Christian after she was rejected in a job application from a Norwegian … [Read more...]

Religious Discrimination Being Taught by America’s Schools

Discrimination Frowned Upon by American Culture In today's American culture, discrimination of any kind is supposedly frowned upon. Christian businesses are being sued for refusing service to gay people, other businesses are being sued for refusing to allow people to pray or … [Read more...]

US Government Launches New Attack on Religion

Anti-Prayer Laws Imposed in the Bible Belt The attack on religious freedom is no new story, however, it continues to spread into new locations, including rural areas of the Bible belt, such as Dublin, Georgia. It was in this small town that on August 10th, literally hundreds of … [Read more...]