Epic Lip Balm Battle Between Virginia and Fifth-grader

Chapstick Banned From School A school in Virginia has banned the use of Chapstick after eleven year old Grace Karaffa tried to treat her dry, cracked, bleeding lips with it. When the child asked if she could use her Chapstick at Draft Elementary School, she was denied, due to the … [Read more...]

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Supporting Abortion or Saving a Life?

Presidential Participation in the Challenge On Wednesday, a video which was posted by George W. Bush showed the former president being doused with ice water by his wife, Laura. According to a report from The Christian Science Monitor, Bush is seen in the video dressed in a blue … [Read more...]

Experimental Drugs Bring New Hope in ‘World’s Worst’ Ebola Outbreak

This week, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that at least 68 Ebola scares have been seen during the current outbreak across 27 states. The World Health Organization recently warned that the death toll had risen above 1200 worldwide before issuing a statement … [Read more...]