HIV and Computer Malware Eerily Similar

HIV progression in your body is the same way computer worms and malwares infect your computer, says a group of researchers. A new report from the scientists shows that they have established a new model highlighting HIV progression and depicted the disease spreading like a virus … [Read more...]

Diabetes is a ‘Global Epidemic’ That Hurts Economies

Last year, close to 400 million people worldwide suffered from diabetes, and 90 percent of those cases were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes continually leads to the death of a minimum of 1.5 million people each year and comes with a global economic cost of $612 billion. A … [Read more...]

Controversial ‘Baby Boxes’ May Begin Popping Up Soon

In order to protect baby abandonment and death, the Indiana State Legislature has approved a new bill that would allow hospitals, police and fire stations, churches and select non-profit organizations to install a two-foot-long metal incubator that some are referring to as "baby … [Read more...]

UK Teenage Pregnancy at Lowest Levels Since 1969

The United Kingdom is making significant headway when it comes to the reduction in the number of teenage pregnancies across England and Wales. According to data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), teen pregnancies have dipped to the lowest level since 1969, a year … [Read more...]

Baby Contracts Measles, California Daycare Center Shut Down

Are Canada and the United States in the midst of a measles outbreak? That's the question that some officials are mulling over after it was reported of another measles case. Again, the latest case is located in California. A daycare center inside of a Southern California high school … [Read more...]

5 Trillion Pieces of Trash Littering the Ocean

The world's oceans have become a dumpster site as a new study released notes that five trillion pieces of trash are situated in the world's oceans. Although it has been reported on the astronomical amount of plastic pollution floating around, it did note there are fewer small … [Read more...]

New Study Shows Poor Sleep Habits are Linked to Dementia

Do you continually wake up throughout the night disrupting your sleep? Does your partner regularly inform you of your loud snoring habits that effectively wake them up, too? If so then perhaps now is the time to confront this issue for the sake of the health of your … [Read more...]

Hershey May Do Away With High-fructose Corn Syrup

Do you know what chocolate bars taste like with just sugar? Well, if you're an American born after 1982 then it's unlikely that you've tasted these delicious, yummy bars with just plan old sugar instead of the high-fructose corn syrup. Hershey is now considering removing corn syrup … [Read more...]

8% of Americans are Depressed Women Most Affected

A new report released by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finds that just under eight percent of Americans 12 years of age or older suffer from depression, and about one-third of them have sought assistance and treatment. According to the federal … [Read more...]

Nations Hit by Ebola Can Expect Poor Economic Growth in 2014

A new report issued by the World Bank Tuesday shows that the organization has modified its decreases in its 2014 gross domestic product growth estimates for the three nations that were the most affected by the outbreak of the Ebola virus. The World Bank stated that Guinea, Liberia … [Read more...]

U.S. Finally Realizing Smoking is Bad for Your Health

A fewer percentage of Americans are smoking cigarettes than ever before. Decades ago, it was difficult not to come across someone who didn't smoke. Nowadays, it's quite hard to come into contact with an individual who actually does partake in the smoking habit. Figures released by … [Read more...]

U.S. Healthcare Spending Spiraling Out of Control

As the mainstream media, Washington and the Obama administration throws their weight on #GruberGate - the Jonathan Gruber scandal which pretty much suggests the entire Affordable Care Act was based on unscrupulous means - the real story that many may not be focusing on is the latest … [Read more...]

Maine Nurse Treats Ebola Patients and Isn’t Quarantined

Judge Rejects Limits Placed on Nurse's Movements According to a report from Fox News, “A Maine judge has rejected a request by state officials to quarantine and restrict the movements of nurse Kaci Hickox, who after returning from treating Ebola patients in West Africa defied the … [Read more...]

CDC Updates Protocol for Ebola Military Involved

Anxiety Brings the Need for More Protection According to a report from Reuters, “The United States will issue strict new guidelines telling American health workers to cover their skin and hair when dealing with Ebola patients, a top health official said on Sunday, while some of the … [Read more...]

“Breach of Protocol” Blamed in New Ebola Case

A second case of Ebola has been diagnosed in America, and health officials are blaming a “breach of protocol” for the first-ever transmission of the disease in the US. Oddly enough, the nurse who has contracted Ebola states that she has not been able to pinpoint just when that breach … [Read more...]

Study: Neurobiological Relationship Between People and Pets

Non-pet owners tend to believe that it is quite weird see pet owners treat their cats, dogs, birds or other animals like their own children, such as dressing them up for Halloween, throwing a birthday party or buying them gifts for Christmas. It seems they can’t understand the love … [Read more...]

Ebola Threat Spreads; Obama Refuses to Close Borders

Ebola Comes to America Last month, America had its first ever Ebola diagnosis when “A man who took a commercial flight from Liberia that landed in Dallas on Sept. 20 has been found to have the Ebola virus.” (New York Times) The report shares that “as the disease has swept across … [Read more...]

Physicians Received Billions from Pharmaceutical Companies

Physicians and teaching hospitals in the United States received $3.5 billion from pharmaceutical firms and medical device companies in the final five months of 2013, a finding that has many questioning if prescriptions and other medical decisions are somehow being influenced by these … [Read more...]

700 Babies in Texas Potentially Exposed to Tuberculosis

Employee Diagnosed, Others Maybe in Danger After an employee at an El Paso hospital was diagnosed with tuberculosis, health officials determined that as many as 706 babies and 43 employees may have been exposed to the deadly disease. On August 25, an employee of Providence Memorial … [Read more...]

Healthcare Debt Will Have Less of an Impact on FICO Scores

Soon after the economic collapse a few years ago, the United States government and financial industry imposed tougher lending standards that eventually prevented millions of consumers with weak credit from refinancing their mortgage, purchasing a new home or trading up. This may now … [Read more...]