California lawmakers pass bill to modernize currency laws, help bitcoin consumers

In the United States, there are some states that are open to the cryptocurrency industry, while other states are attempting to make it difficult for anyone who is interested in getting involved in virtual currencies. One might consider the state of California as a place where … [Read more...]

Canada implements first official law regulating bitcoin, virtual currencies

Canada has followed the route of many other Western nations in outlining the potential risks and threats to the financial system posed by the peer-to-peer decentralized virtual currency bitcoin. In order to circumvent any dangers by the cryptocurrency market, the Great White North … [Read more...]

Bolivian central bank reportedly prohibits bitcoin, other digital currencies

Local news reports are informing the general public that Bolivia’s central bank – El Banco Central de Bolivia – has officially announced that it has banned any currency or coins that are not regulated by the government. This includes bitcoin as well as several other virtual … [Read more...]

Japan’s ruling party foregoes bitcoin regulation, urges self-regulatory measures

After the collapse of one of the biggest bitcoin exchange websites, Mt. Gox, there were numerous calls for the Japanese government to install regulations and to become an active participant in ensuring consumers are protected. Although the government has investigated the matter, the … [Read more...]

TigerDirect expands its bitcoin payment acceptance in Canada

Earlier this year, TigerDirect garnered headlines when it announced that it would become one of the major electronics retailers to accept the peer-to-peer decentralized virtual currency bitcoin. The adoption of bitcoin has been a success – it has reported bitcoin sales of $1 million – … [Read more...]

Report: Bitcoin investments this year outpacing Internet from 1995

The peer-to-peer decentralized digital currency bitcoin market is a behemoth. Each day, there are new announcements of bitcoin projects, companies adopting the virtual currency as a method of payment and bitcoin financial products hitting Wall Street. Venture capitalists are intrigued … [Read more...]

Brooklyn Holiday Inn accepting bitcoin according to Charlie Shrem

Not all of its locations, but the global hotel chain Holiday Inn will launch a pilot bitcoin program at its Brooklyn, New York venue. The announcement was made by Charlie Shrem, a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation and facing indictment charges relating to Silk Road, at the … [Read more...]

Yukon gold mine selling for $2 million in bitcoin

In recent years, those affiliated with the anti-government, anti-Federal Reserve and anti-fiat money crowd have turned to the peer-to-peer decentralized virtual currency bitcoin. For years, individuals and investors that were concerned with debt, deficits and a weak dollar turned to … [Read more...]

Yahoo! Finance adds bitcoin quotes, headlines to market data

Bitcoin is here to stay, and it appears that business news publications and search engines are taking notice. Whether or not bitcoin survives as a virtual currency or as a revolutionary technology remains to be seen, but the major facet is that the digital currency will likely stay … [Read more...]

Expedia embraces bitcoin as customers can book hotels with digital currency

Expedia, the online travel website company, announced Wednesday in a news release that it will be expanding its payment options for customers. This means that users who wish to book a hotel room for their next vacation or business trip can do so using bitcoins. Expedia will become the … [Read more...]

Central bankers report calls for institutional control of bitcoin, virtual currencies

Central bankers and several mainstream financial minds – Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger and Jamie Dimon – have surmised for quite some time now that peer-to-peer decentralized virtual currencies, predominantly bitcoins, will cease to exist because of what they say is due to a lack of … [Read more...]

Bitcoin expert Roger Ver: Bitcoin can stop governments waging war

Over the past century, governments all over the world have been involved in at least one-quarter of a billion deaths, according to various statistics from think-tanks and universities. This is defined as democide and governments in each corner of the globe have been complicit in wide … [Read more...]

U.S. researcher prohibited from using supercomputer for bitcoin mining

Since the rise of the peer-to-peer decentralized digital currency bitcoin’s value, miners have come up with very clever ways of extracting bitcoins: security video cameras, tapping into others’ electricity and using the computers of video game players. Bitcoin’s prevalence could very … [Read more...]

Sorry dogecoin you’re no longer the biggest tippers, insert bitcoin

As of late, digital currencies have garnered mainstream media attention for their investment capabilities, their technological innovation and which financial expert is saying what. Often times it is not mentioned that virtual currencies, like bitcoin, dogecoin and litecoin, are also … [Read more...]

Dutch central bank urging banks to be cautious about bitcoin businesses

For the past several months, numerous central banks and governments have consistently published consumer alerts and investor advisories urging citizens to be cautious before they enter into the realm of peer-to-peer decentralized virtual currencies. These guidances have become quite … [Read more...]

Lawyers warn bitcoin could be used to hide assets in divorce cases

Over the past year, central banks and governments have warned that citizens could participate in tax evasion schemes by utilizing the peer-to-peer decentralized digital currency bitcoin. It is unclear if bitcoiners are doing so, but lawyers are now warning that bitcoin could be … [Read more...]

Mark T. Williams “Professor Bitcorn”: Bitcoin is still overvalued, to dip in time

In December, when the peer-to-peer decentralized virtual currency bitcoin was reaching all-time highs, some economists (Professor Bitcorn) who lacked the capacity to make predictions or even describe what the cryptocurrency was, called for the utter demise of bitcoin and foresaw a … [Read more...]

Peter Schiff says only one customer has bought gold with bitcoin

Last week, it was announced that Peter Schiff’s Euro Pacific Metals was partnering up with BitPay in order to allow its clients to start purchasing gold and silver with bitcoin. The news went viral considering that Schiff has previously criticized bitcoin on numerous occasions and … [Read more...]

Dish Network becomes largest company to accept bitcoin

Dish Network announced this past Thursday that it will become the largest company to date to begin accepting bitcoin for payments. The satellite television company confirmed that it will begin to permit its customers to pay for their satellite services in digital currency by September … [Read more...]

BitPay processing $1 million per day; gets $1.6 million in bitcoin payments

BitPay has become one of the biggest success stories in the bitcoin economy. Each month, the bitcoin payments processor continues to add merchants and businesses to its growing list – some of the names on its list include Zynga, TigerDirect, WordPress, Virgin Galactic, Euro Pacific … [Read more...]