Hoarding and security issues are preventing bitcoin from going mainstream

When it comes to the future of bitcoin and its widespread adoption capabilities, one of the common themes that investors, analysts and venture capitalists iterate is the virtual currency’s security. There is another worrisome element to the digital currency that may produce … [Read more...]

Dell is now the largest retailer to accept bitcoin

The third biggest personal computer seller in the world today, Dell, will now accept bitcoin on its website. The multinational billion-dollar company announced in a blog post Friday that it will start permitting the peer-to-peer decentralized digital currency as a method of payment … [Read more...]

Polish law firm urges government to impose consumer protections for bitcoin

Since the collapse of the biggest bitcoin exchange website in the world, Mt. Gox, there have been numerous calls for consumer legislation, regulations and protections in regards to the world of peer-to-peer decentralized virtual currencies like bitcoin and litecoin. Despite railing … [Read more...]

New virtual currency INNCoin is backed by gold and ready to take down bitcoin

Libertarian critics of bitcoin have often stated that the reason why peer-to-peer decentralized virtual currencies do not work is because they are not backed by anything tangible, like gold or silver. Instead, bitcoins and litecoins, peercoins and dogecoins, are only supported by a … [Read more...]

ING economist urges bitcoin protocol to include central bank elements

Bitcoins and other peer-to-peer virtual currencies are popular due to a lack of a central power. Over the years, a large amount of people have become discontent with the destructive policies of central banks that have hurt national currencies and the overall economy. This is why … [Read more...]

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman declares bitcoin as part of his investment plan

Speaking in an interview with CNBC on Monday, Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and an early investor of Facebook, stated that the peer-to-peer decentralized digital currency bitcoin is a part of his five-year investment plan, an enthusiastic investment endorsement for the virtual … [Read more...]

France to mandate identity verification for bitcoin account holders

Since the cryptocurrency industry rose to prominence last year, governments have wanted to gain a sense of control over virtual currencies. Well, now governments and law enforcement agencies may possibly have done so. The latest trend among governments around the world is for … [Read more...]

Argentina mandates financial institutions to report virtual currency transactions

Argentina is in economic disarray: record-high inflation numbers, a potential default on its national debt and a significant percentage of the population impoverished. With the central bank printing vast sums of money, the value of its peso has deteriorated, which has led citizens to … [Read more...]

Polish deputy finance minister calls bitcoin a financial instrument

Poland has become the unlikeliest of all places to be one of the central hubs for bitcoin. This year, for instance, Poland was the first country in Europe to gain a bitcoin embassy. Meanwhile, officials are lukewarm to the rise of peer-to-peer decentralized virtual currencies, … [Read more...]

New Zealand central bank official warns bitcoin could replace cash

Central bank officials have projected their concerns onto investors, banking executives and the general public as to how much peer-to-peer decentralized virtual currencies such as bitcoin and litecoin could revolutionize both payment systems and currency. From making financial … [Read more...]

Michigan becomes latest state to issue bitcoin consumer advisory

After a dozen or so states issued consumer advisories and investor guidance alerts warning the general public about the risks and threats associated with investing in peer-to-peer decentralized virtual currencies, like bitcoin and litecoins, the alerts pretty much dwindled, until The … [Read more...]

Ireland central bank official warns virtual currencies ‘can challenge sovereignty of states’

For months now, several central bank officials have espoused the threats associated with digital currencies like bitcoin. Although the statements have listed the risks that are posed by bitcoins and other virtual currencies, a lot of officials mention the possibility of … [Read more...]

EBA urges Europe to shun bitcoin, virtual currencies until rules implemented

Should the European Union ignore bitcoin and other digital currencies until the proper banking regulations and rules are in place? That’s what the European Banking Authority (EBA) is urging in a new statement that is recommending the 28-state bloc establish safeguards to protect the … [Read more...]

Now you can buy flowers at 1-800-FLOWERS with bitcoin

If you need to purchase flowers this month and you also happen to be a bitcoin enthusiast then 1-800-FLOWERS has you got covered throughout the entire month of July. The leading floral delivery company announced in a press release Tuesday that throughout the whole month of July it … [Read more...]

Bank of Russia: Bitcoins ‘should not be rejected’

For the past several months, it has been unclear as to whether or not bitcoin was either entirely illegal in the Russian Federation or was facing tremendous regulations that would make it immensely difficult to utilize. In February, for instance, Russian authorities issued many … [Read more...]

Electronic retailer Newegg partners with BitPay to accept bitcoin

Add Newegg as the latest United States electronics retailer to the list of big name merchants accepting the peer-to-peer decentralized digital currency bitcoin. The company confirmed the move in a press release Tuesday. Newegg, one of the biggest electronics e-retailer in North … [Read more...]

California Governor Jerry Brown “legalizes” alternative currencies like bitcoin

Soon after California lawmakers passed legislation that would update present day currency laws and eliminate bans on alternative currencies, Democratic Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill into law that would see digital currencies, such as bitcoin and litecoin, legalized. The … [Read more...]

Intuit will accept bitcoin payment for their cloud-based finance software

Intuit is a United States-based software company that establishes financial and tax software for individuals, companies and accountants. It has released a number of products over the years, including the ultra successful cloud-based QuickBooks Online financial management … [Read more...]

Western Union will consider using bitcoin only if it’s regulated

Western Union has been a part of the United States landscape since 1851. From telegraphs to money transfers, Western Union has remained a successful brand and appears to adopt any latest form of technology. This is why many bitcoin enthusiasts are waiting for the announcement any … [Read more...]

38th director of U.S. Mint to keynote bitcoin conference in Raleigh

It’s not very often that a government official, either past or present, immerses himself into the world of peer-to-peer decentralized virtual currencies. Most civil servants have the mindset that bitcoins, litecoin and other digital currencies will pose a threat to the status quo … [Read more...]