iOS Receives Upgrades to Welcome the Launch of Apple Watch

Apple hello

Apple Inc.’s first wearable device, the Apple Watch, is expected to launch in the month of April of this year. And the device is being welcomed by many as a valuable addition to the wearable tech industry. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is also in its final stages of promotion for the new … [Read more...]

Costco, Citi and Visa Partner to Create Credit Card Program


Another nail in the coffin of American Express? It could be so after Costco announced that it would be replacing the fledgling credit card company with an exclusive co-branded program with Visa and Citigroup beginning Apr. 1, 2016. The warehouse club retailer stated Monday it … [Read more...]

The Reason Behind Apple’s Increasing Scope On Israel

Israel at night

Apple Inc. is known all over the world as an American brand. Surely, the company has dug deep roots in the US and still boasts the “Designed in California” slogan at the back of all its gadgets. However, now the company seems to be shifting its focus on Israel as its home base, … [Read more...]

Restructured: One Executive To Manage Google In Europe

European Union

In recent times, Google Inc. has come under a lot of pressure by the European Union and European courts, both of which have been disrupting the “freedom to access the internet” policy that Google has been building up on ever since its inception in 1998. However, now the company seems … [Read more...]

IRS Issues Refunds to 40 Million People Totalling $125 billion


With only one month into the tax filing season, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has already issued tax refunds to more than 40 million people worth a total of about $125 billion, not bad for a tax-collecting agency that has experienced budget cuts and limited tax examiners. The … [Read more...]

Apple Inc. Under Fire Over Multiple Patent Infringements


Apple is no stranger to the court, and mostly it’s there because of alleged patent infringements. This time, though, the case is different, as the case is much bigger than what Apple has faced this year. Ericsson, a Swedish company dealing in telecom, has sued Apple for the … [Read more...]

Controversial ‘Baby Boxes’ May Begin Popping Up Soon

baby boxes

In order to protect baby abandonment and death, the Indiana State Legislature has approved a new bill that would allow hospitals, police and fire stations, churches and select non-profit organizations to install a two-foot-long metal incubator that some are referring to as "baby … [Read more...]

Google Inc. Pays 25M for .app Domain Extension

.aap extension

The list of the most lucrative auctions in the world includes the auction held for the sale of new domain names, held by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers. This time the winning bid for one of the domain names on sale was for $25m made by Google Inc., … [Read more...]

Google Wallet to Come Pre-installed on Mobile Phones

google wallet

With the recent success of the Apple Pay mobile payment system (a service launched in Q4 2014), Google Wallet seems to have mustered up new courage to make a comeback in the market as another dominant mobile payment system among heavy competitors. In an unprecedented move, Google … [Read more...]

Ben Lawsky Warns of ‘Armageddon’ Cyber Attack on Banks, [Bitcoin Sounding Better?]

cyber attack

With the advancement in technology, the prevalence of cyberspace within government and the immense connectivity within the national infrastructure, it has been warned for years that a catastrophic cyber attack could very well transpire and wreak havoc on the overall economy. One of … [Read more...]

60% of the World Has Never Surfed the Web

Media Images

Despite the ubiquity of Internet-connected devices, more than half of the planet still has yet to access the World Wide Web, says a new study published Monday by Facebook-led The "State of Connectivity: A Report on Global Internet Access" report highlights the fact … [Read more...]

Apple Inc. Loses Another Patent Trial Costing Them $533 Million


Apple is no stranger to lawsuits, and the company emerges successful most of the time it comes under fire in the courtroom. However, at the conclusion of a long-running patent trial, Apple has lost the war to Smartflash, a Texas-based company, and has been charged by the court to pay … [Read more...]

Reddit Enforcing New Rules Regarding Revenge Porn


Reddit announced Tuesday that it is updating its privacy policy as part of efforts to prohibit users from posting nude, sexual and graphic images and videos without the consent of the individual(s). The change will take into effect Mar. 10, but the company noted that it's just a first … [Read more...]

UK Teenage Pregnancy at Lowest Levels Since 1969

teen pregnancy

The United Kingdom is making significant headway when it comes to the reduction in the number of teenage pregnancies across England and Wales. According to data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), teen pregnancies have dipped to the lowest level since 1969, a year … [Read more...]

Google Inc’s Chromebook Pixel Making a Comeback

Chrome Book Pixel

And the comeback is expected soon, according to Renee Niemi, a Google employee. Rumors had already been circulating the market regarding the next Google Chromebook Pixel on websites dedicated to providing exclusive content regarding anything related to Google’s two major divisions, … [Read more...]

Google Inc. Says Adiós to Porn Unless it’s Artistic, Educational or Scientific

No more porn

Don't lose your mind just yet, its only been banned from Google Inc.'s Blogger platform. The search engine juggernaut Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) announced that its Blogger website will not showcase any type of pornography. In an announcement issued to its bloggers who use the … [Read more...]

You’re Safe, Tax Audit Rate at All Time Low

Uncle Sam

For the next couple of months, millions of Americans will be sending the Internal Revenue Service their tax returns, and hope they can receive a refund. It's also the time of the year that many individuals fear being audited by bureaucrats and tax collectors. Well, those taxpayers can … [Read more...]

Smart Watches have no future, Apple Watch Developers Think Otherwise

Apple iWatch

There has been a thick dubious mist surrounding the launch of the upcoming Apple Watch ever since its inception, which is due to launch sometime in April of this year. Analysts have been debating for the past year (ever since the Apple Watch was announced by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)) … [Read more...]

Is Google Trying to Monopolize its Android Base in Russia?

monopoly board

Well, Yandex, a major search engine competitor of Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) from Russia surely thinks so! The company has just filed an official complaint against Google stating the company is monopolizing competition with its Android OS and as a result of which competitors such … [Read more...]

Soaring Cost of Living Forces Canadians to Cash Out Retirement Accounts

retirement fund

The cost of living for the average Canadians is soaring. With inadequate wages, higher taxes, a lack of prominent positions in the labor market and ubiquity of living paycheck to paycheck, more Canadians are cashing out their Register Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) prematurely in … [Read more...]