T-Mobile Takes Another Shot at Rivals with ‘Stash’


The fourth largest wireless carrier in the United States, T-Mobile, will soon launch a new program that allows subscribers to bank unused mobile Internet data for up to one year. Starting Tuesday, customers will receive 10 gigabytes of free data. If the data is rolled over and … [Read more...]

Google Inc. Argues Plaintiffs’ Claims Are Irrelevant in Antitrust Lawsuit

Statue Of Lady Justice

December 18, 2014 An antitrust lawsuit was filed against Android as the pressure by European authorities increased on the Internet search companies. Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) will try to persuade a judge to dismiss this lawsuit. Two consumers of Android smartphones filed a case … [Read more...]

BlackBerry Launches ‘The Classic’ Old School Smartphone

The Classic

BlackBerry is kicking it old school as it has unveiled a new smartphone called "The Classic." The smartphone features a keyboard, which may puzzle many considering that most customers have already embraced the touchscreen with Apple and Samsung products. However, BlackBerry is … [Read more...]

Apple Inc. Has 90 Days to Hand Over Documents to Canadian Court

Suing You

18 December, 2014 Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) was suspected by the Court of Canada of unfairly using its huge market power for the promotion of iPhone sales. The popularity of iPhones gives the company negotiating powers over other companies. That is the whole issue. On Wednesday, the … [Read more...]

Swiss Franc Tumbles as Central Bank Announces Negative Rates

Swiss Franc

In a surprise move that sent shockwaves throughout markets everywhere, the Swiss National Bank (SWB) announced it would institute an interest rate of -0.25 percent on large deposits held by investors in Swiss francs. This move is meant to discourage investors from seeking the franc as … [Read more...]

Russian Economy to Unstable Apple Inc. Pulling Out

Moscow, Russia

Russia is facing major economical crises as its official currency Ruble has lost more than 50% of its value this year, which has made Ruble the worst-performing currency globally. Foreign currency orders are at its peak as citizens attempt to move their funds to something more stable … [Read more...]

U.S. Consumer Prices Fall Amid Lower Oil Prices


With every piece of good economic news comes some bad financial news. Amid declining energy prices, United States consumer prices fell in the month of November, a sign that inflation levels will still remain below the Federal Reserve's target rate of two percent just before we ring … [Read more...]

Google Inc. Positioning Itself for Amazon Style Marketplace?


Google Inc. is now looking to give Amazon.com a run for its money. The company is looking to introduce e-commerce features, including a “buy” button to Google Shopping. Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has talked to retailers about this new buy button that it wishes to launch. As of now, the … [Read more...]

New Home Construction Declines but We’re Still Recovering

new home construction

Last month, the number of housing starts and building permits declined, but the figures did remain at the same levels on par with the gradual housing market recovery, says a new report by the Department of Commerce. According to the report released Tuesday, groundbreaking fell 1.6 … [Read more...]

New Study Shows Poor Sleep Habits are Linked to Dementia


Do you continually wake up throughout the night disrupting your sleep? Does your partner regularly inform you of your loud snoring habits that effectively wake them up, too? If so then perhaps now is the time to confront this issue for the sake of the health of your … [Read more...]

Jury Will Soon Deliberate on Apple Inc. Antitrust Case


Apple Inc. introduced a new software update for its celebrated music player, iPod for which the company is facing a trial currently. According to the attorney for plaintiffs, the new software update merely increases the cost of the iPod; it does not improve the product … [Read more...]

Ruble Tumbles as Bank of Russia Raises Interest Rates


It's safe to objectively say that the Russian Federation is going through a currency crisis. As the ruble continues to decline - it tumbled to 73 against the dollar during the Tuesday trading session - the Bank of Russia announced that it has raised its short-term interest rate … [Read more...]

Microsoft Gains New Allies in Drug Trafficking Investigation

Drug Trafficking

Last year, United States prosecutors issued Microsoft a warrant for emails stored by the tech titan in an Irish data center that was allegedly in relation to a drug trafficking investigation. The tech giant refused the request, but was soon ordered by a judge this past summer to hand … [Read more...]

Spanish Newspapers Say Bring Google News Back Back!

Google News Spain

Last week, the Spanish government began to clamp down on Google as the state is now requiring the search engine juggernaut to pay Spanish news publishers each time their content is listed on the website. Since the company is refusing to cave into their demands, the tech titan has … [Read more...]

Apple Inc. Faces eBook Class Action Lawsuit


Apple Inc. seems to be really busy in the courtroom these days. The company has a lot on its plate; it is defending the class action for its iPod DRM and beginning the appeal for the verdict of an ebook trial that began last year. The court has ruled Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) as … [Read more...]

Say Goodbye to Google Inc. Earth API

Google Earth

Google Earth technology has become really popular over the years. Millions of users use this application to explore and discover the world that they live in. In short, Google Earth is a virtual globe. There are countless impressive features in Google Earth that you will enjoy. Google … [Read more...]

Low Oil Prices Will Boost Apple Inc. Sales


U.S. oil production has increased in the last two years. As a result, the energy prices have decreased. Recently, the oil producing countries of OPEC increased their oil production so as to fulfill the increasing energy demands. This was an attempt to lower the prices of crude oil on … [Read more...]

Federal Reserve Remains Silent Regarding Interest Rates

Fed Interest Rates

This week, the Federal Reserve's Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) will meet. When the notes are released it'll likely be more of the same: an improved economy, a robust labor market and a slump in housing. At the end of it all, the United States central bank will refuse to confirm … [Read more...]

Facebook Inc. Gives up Bing for its Own Search Tool

bing search

Facebook Inc. previously used Microsoft’s search engine, Bing. However, now, the social networking site no longer includes search results from Bing; this news was also confirmed by a spokesperson from Facebook Inc. The main reason for discontinuing Bing is that the social networking … [Read more...]

Apple Inc Revolutionizing the Art of Paying

Apple Pay Freedom

The world is becoming more and more competent every day and everyone has to step up his or her game in order to beat the competition. With such competition arises great sense of urgency, and the desire to speed up sundry everyday activities. One such activity is that of making … [Read more...]