Litecoin 15% Away from Activating Segwit, Price Continues to Increase

A big increase of Litecoin mining is being planned by a group of developers who call themselves SegWit or Segregated Witness Signaling. SegWit has launched a new mining protocol; or soft fork that is making hundreds of new blocks of Litecoin available for mining. The latest SegWit … [Read more...]

Jeff Bezos No Longer in Diapers

Amazon is closing down the operations of its Quidsi unit which runs websites such as and The reason behind the closure is a lack of profitability. Quidsi was bought by Amazon for $500 million in 2010. Quidsi ran others sites such as which dealt with … [Read more...]

Litecoin Price is Exploding, Could We be Witnessing the Next Ethereum

Ethereum is not the only cryptocurrency experiencing skyrocketing prices. Prices of the sixth largest cryptocurrency LiteCoin are also going through the roof. Litecoin prices rose by 70% on March 30, 2017, going from $4.18 to $7.04 a piece in just a few hours. The price is far from … [Read more...]

Bitcoin Could Lose Half its Value Facing Coordinated 51% Attack

Speculation that the Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) Project is planning something big; possibly a 51% attack, may becoming a reality. The project’s members might be planning to start larger blocks of bitcoin in an attempt to create a new blockchain. If they were to succeed the BU miners … [Read more...]

Ford Says Enough is Enough After 91 Years and Closes It’s Doors

American automaker Ford (NYSE:F) is closing its manufacturing facilities in Australia, bringing to an end more than 90 years of its car-making business on the island country. The final six-cylinder Ford Falcon rolled off the company’s assembly line at its plant in the Broadmeadows … [Read more...]

Google Inc. Daily Recap and Highlights

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) News Day finally arrived and with it the rumors can be laid to rest and forever replaced with the newest business and tech goodies yet to be released. The Google Pixel The smartest smartphone yet to ever be released is what many are calling the Google … [Read more...]

8% of Sprint Workforce Fired to Save Money

Telecommunications giant Sprint NYSE: S has announced that it has cut thousands of jobs as part of a drive to try and reduce costs. The fourth largest wireless carrier in the United States, the company has revealed that at least 2500 jobs will go as part of the cost cutting exercise … [Read more...]

Considering Payday Loans, Consider This First

A payday loan, also referred to as a payroll loan, a salary loan, a payday advance, a short-term or cash advance loan, or a small dollar loan, is basically what it says on the tin. It’s intended to be short-term, it tends to be rather small, and it is unsecured thus you do not need to … [Read more...]

HIV and Computer Malware Eerily Similar

HIV progression in your body is the same way computer worms and malwares infect your computer, says a group of researchers. A new report from the scientists shows that they have established a new model highlighting HIV progression and depicted the disease spreading like a virus … [Read more...]

Smart Stove Knob ‘Meld’ Replaces Sous Chef

Do you get frustrated when you cook a chicken and it turns out to be undercooked? What about when you cook pasta and the sauce is burnt and damages the bottom of your pot? Well, there's a smart knob, and app, for that to remedy those dire culinary issues. Meld, which was co-founded … [Read more...]

Where’s the Beef? McDonald’s Bigger Badder Burgers

McDonald's is continuing its initiative to revamp its image and cater to a wider audience. One of the ways it is doing so is by introducing larger sirloin burgers to its menu and respond to the age-old question that consumers have of, "Hey, where's the beef?" Fast-food juggernaut … [Read more...]

YouTube Launching Twitch-like Streaming Service

In 2011, a service called Twitch was launched, which was similar to but instead just honed in on gamers. It has quickly become one of the biggest video platforms and communities for video game enthusiasts. YouTube now wants a piece of that market. The Google-owned video … [Read more...]

Payday Loan Lenders Watch Out, CFPB is After You

After talking the tough talk on the payday loan industry, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) is now walking the tough walk after it released a series of rules for the sector. CFPB director Richard Cordray is scheduled to outline a proposed regulatory framework Thursday … [Read more...]

Google Inc. Under Fire With Leaked FTC Report

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has come under fire numerous times by competitors in court due to its alleged monopolistic behavior. Google has denied the use of any unfair means while conducting its business. However, according to a recently leaked report by the Federal Trade Commission … [Read more...]

Burger King Cologne Will Have You Smelling Like a Whopper

April Fool's Day is upon us, a day when many newspapers, brands and companies pull pranks and jokes on an unsuspecting general public. Is the latest publicity stunt and public relations move from Burger King nothing but a prank? One of the most popular fast-food joints in the world … [Read more...]

Sony Unveils its Latest Cord-cutting Service ‘Vue’

Will conventional cable companies become extinct in the next several years? If the trend of cord-cutting expands and a greater number of organizations unleash streaming services then perhaps everything we know about the traditional television-viewing experience may become … [Read more...]

If You Don’t Mind Being Spied on Rent from Hertz

Would you rent a car if the company installed a camera on the dashboard facing the driver? If you happen to travel a lot and rent a great number of vehicles then you may have come across a recent addition from Hertz: a camera facing you. The latest trend for vehicle owners and car … [Read more...]

Drones are Hurting the Real Estate Market

The real estate marketing industry has dramatically changed in recent years. With a highly competitive and expensive housing market and a hiccup in sales, agents and homeowners are employing a wide spectrum of marketing tricks to get potential homebuyers to sign on the line which is … [Read more...]

Diabetes is a ‘Global Epidemic’ That Hurts Economies

Last year, close to 400 million people worldwide suffered from diabetes, and 90 percent of those cases were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes continually leads to the death of a minimum of 1.5 million people each year and comes with a global economic cost of $612 billion. A … [Read more...]

Apple Inc. Could Dominate TV Screens Soon

Apple is the market leader in the tech industry. Truly, with an estimated market capitalization of $730 billion (and rising rapidly!), this tech company is consistently surprising investors with its potential. Now, Apple Inc. is reportedly entering the TV streaming sector, building up … [Read more...]