Millennials stuffing cash under their matress instead of investing in the stock market

money under matress

Despite the growing concerns that millennials will be defined as the “lost generation” and a group of people that will be worse off than their parents, reports show that those born between 1981 and 2000 will control approximately $9 trillion in assets in a few years and inherit $36 … [Read more...]

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi challenges Apple (AAPL) for the BRIC market


"Dark horse" challengers, seemingly coming from nowhere to overset the established order of things, are not unknown in the electronics business – in fact, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) itself has occupied that role several times in the past during its rise to its current eminence. Today, a … [Read more...]

Hoarding and security issues are preventing bitcoin from going mainstream

Fred Wilson

When it comes to the future of bitcoin and its widespread adoption capabilities, one of the common themes that investors, analysts and venture capitalists iterate is the virtual currency’s security. There is another worrisome element to the digital currency that may produce … [Read more...]

Apple (AAPL) 3rd quarter earnings report due out today

AAPL earnings

Quarterly earnings reports have proven to be highly variable for Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) this year, with the first report causing the Cupertino company's shares to founder temporarily, and the second report drawing plaudits and eager investment. Apple's third earnings report is due … [Read more...]

Mexican billionaire tycoon Carlos Slim argues in favor of a three-day work week

Stressed worker

How would you react to a three-day work week that would entail of 11-hour days and workers delaying their retirement until the ages 70 or 75? This so-called "radical overhaul" is being suggested by Mexican billionaire tycoon Carlos Slim, who delivered a speech at a conference in … [Read more...]

Apple (AAPL) is transforming into a ‘lifestyle business,’ Spotify CEO Daniel Ek claims


According to Daniel Ek, the CEO of Spotify, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is metamorphosing from a plain electronics manufacturer into a "lifestyle business." Mr. Ek spoke at the Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colorado, which took place on July 14th to 16th, 2014. This gathering, … [Read more...]

Dell is now the largest retailer to accept bitcoin


The third biggest personal computer seller in the world today, Dell, will now accept bitcoin on its website. The multinational billion-dollar company announced in a blog post Friday that it will start permitting the peer-to-peer decentralized digital currency as a method of payment … [Read more...]

Lenovo’s tablet retreat highlights Apple (AAPL) iPad’s market power in USA

Thinkpad 8

The iPad mini has become so popular in the United States, home country of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), that Lenovo has stopped selling its two smallest, 8 inch tablets in the country entirely. According to PC World, the company is ceasing sales of the Thinkpad 8 and the Miix 2 with 8 … [Read more...]

Extramarital affairs come with hefty price-tag, $444 per month


Extramarital affairs have become common, and actually promoted, in today’s society. Television shows, motion pictures and magazine articles glorify cheating to immense proportions. Of course, such activities can lead to domestic strife, the end of a family and a pretty penny to your … [Read more...]

Polish law firm urges government to impose consumer protections for bitcoin


Since the collapse of the biggest bitcoin exchange website in the world, Mt. Gox, there have been numerous calls for consumer legislation, regulations and protections in regards to the world of peer-to-peer decentralized virtual currencies like bitcoin and litecoin. Despite railing … [Read more...]

Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) sapphire capacity remains a bone of contention among analysts

GT Advanced Technologies

Debate is raging on a number of fronts over what Apple Inc.'s (NASDAQ:AAPL) product rollout for 2014 will look like in terms of sapphire crystal utilization. The Cupertino firm's massive outlays for sapphire to GT Advanced Technologies (NASDAQ: GTAT) indicates that sapphire is going … [Read more...]

Time Warner rejects Rupert Murdoch’s $80 billion dollar takeover bid

Rupert Murdoch

Will Rupert Murdoch dominate the media landscape in the near future? Maybe. Time Warner rejected an $80 billion takeover offer from Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox and confirmed that it has no other interest in speaking with the media entertainment juggernaut. It was noted that … [Read more...]

Apple (AAPL) supplier Foxconn gears up to start iPhone 6 production next week

iPhone 6

Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) primary supplier of finished iPhones, Foxconn of Taiwan and mainland China, is said to be on the verge of starting mass production of the 4.7 inch version of the iPhone 6 this coming week. Though this information is only a rumor, it is a plausible one given that … [Read more...]

Russia makes $32 billion dollars of Cuba’s outstanding debt disappear


Are Moscow and Havana becoming strong allies again? It does indeed appear so. Russia has officially eliminated approximately $32 billion of Cuba’s outstanding debt, which dates back decades ago when the country received it from the Soviet Union. Cuba will still be required to pay … [Read more...]

Dogs are no long “just pets”, insurers cash in on pet insurance

English Bulldog Pet Insurance

If you have ever owned a pet then you will understand first-hand the costs that are associated with taking your dog and/or cat to the veterinarian. The costs have become so enormous that families can spend up to $200 on a checkup and $600 for a simple teeth cleaning. In order to tap … [Read more...]

Susan Wagner, experienced investment executive, joins Apple (AAPL) Board of Directors


A second woman has found her way onto Apple's formerly all-male board of directors. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) announced today, marking the continued advance of a more inclusive workplace that focuses on talents and qualifications rather than matters of sex, gender, or race. Susan … [Read more...]

New virtual currency INNCoin is backed by gold and ready to take down bitcoin


Libertarian critics of bitcoin have often stated that the reason why peer-to-peer decentralized virtual currencies do not work is because they are not backed by anything tangible, like gold or silver. Instead, bitcoins and litecoins, peercoins and dogecoins, are only supported by a … [Read more...]

Grover Norquist calls Internet taxes an ‘awful idea’


Washington lawmakers are now debating two sets of legislation: one bill would renew the Internet sales tax initiative that politicians have been attempting to pass for nearly two years now, while the other bill would prohibit state and local governments from charging an Internet … [Read more...]

Apple Inc. (AAPL) offers $450 million settlement in ebook price fixing suit


Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is seeking to settle the ebook price fixing suit against it with a payment of $450 million, a lower sum than the $840 million sought but still a hefty sum by any measure. If this amount is finalized in the legal processes that follow, consumers will receive … [Read more...]

June Scorecard: U.S. home sales soar 18.6%, real estate experts fear growing bubble

Housing bubble

The overall United States housing market appears to be rebounding from its historical collapse a few years ago, but some real estate and financial experts say that it’s simply roaring back up into a bubble akin to the subprime meltdown. The administration, meanwhile, points to its … [Read more...]