iOS Receives Upgrades to Welcome the Launch of Apple Watch

Apple Inc.’s first wearable device, the Apple Watch, is expected to launch in the month of April of this year. And the device is being welcomed by many as a valuable addition to the wearable tech industry. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is also in its final stages of promotion for the new Apple device, incorporating the device in fashion magazines, tech articles, and on the social media. The company is also upgrading the iOS to support the Apple Watch, and, apparently, the mobile operating system will receive more than one upgrade before Apple Watch hits the market.

The release of the iOS 8.2 has already been intimated by Apple Inc., according to the publication BGR. It has also suggested that the release of the new version of the iOS is expected by the end of this week. However, it has also been clarified that release of the new iOS version 8.2 may be delayed if it fails to satisfy the quality standards that the company has set for the operating system to meet in this version.

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This is not the only version that the company is currently developing. Apple Inc. has released two versions of a beta nature in to the market for the iOS 8.3, suggesting the release of this version of the iOS anytime soon. For beta testing of a version of the iOS to happen so soon, a version that is second in line to the upgrade line, suggests Apple’s enthusiasm and plans to release two versions of the iOS in the coming weeks. According to experts, this highly suggests that the company is preparing for the launch of the Apple Watch, which would come at the same time iOS 8.3 would come out as an upgrade on the iPhone and iPad.

The new versions of the iOS 8 are expected to bring with them some amendments that will improve performance and security aspects of the operating system. The basic purpose of this upgrade is, however, to enable the devices to support the Apple Watch, which would require a major upgrade to the current iOS 8.1 in order to function properly. Some industry experts suggest the subsequent launch of the iOS upgrades will be released in such a manner that it may allow Apple the time to iron out the issues the iOS may have functioning with the Apple Watch.

However, no date has been confirmed by Apple Inc. for the release of the new versions of the iOS 8. But, this goes in line with Apple’s tradition to release its products on a notice of a couple of days. Hence, industry experts are sure the iOS 8.2 will be released by the end of this week, and the subsequent version of the iOS, the iOS 8.3, will make its way to Apple devices in the month of April when the Apple Watch makes it to the market.

The iOS 8.2 has already seen the release of 5 beta versions of it already in the market, which further confirms its release very soon.