Google Inc. Weekly Roundup: Dollar, Data & United Kingdom

The week was bleak for Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG), as the company faced much criticism by investors due to its slower-than-expected revenue growth reported in Q4 2014 financial reports. Google revenues were severely hit by the rising price of the US dollar, which has affected all companies that operate significantly in large markets, internationally. However, investors had expected the company to cope well with the rising rate of the dollar, which the company has apparently not done well enough. There were also reports of rising operating expenses at Google, which has further worried investors.

However, the latter part of the week was much better for the company, as it announced new plans to offer customers the facility to switch between data networks at their will. Breaking the barrier that mobile operators set up with contracts, the company hopes to launch a service that would allow users to switch to other networks if their own service provider fails to provide a strong enough signal quality.

News also surfaced about the revival of the Google Wallet service in the UK, but only in a limited manner. Apparently, Google would be launching Google Wallet yet again in the UK, allowing users to send money as an attachment via email.

Google Wallet

Daily Stock Position for Google

The NASDAQ index resumed function on Monday of this week, as always. Google’s stock opened at the value of 541.36, very slightly below the closing value of previous week, which stood at 541.95. The stock initially moved upward, reaching the value of 541.50 in the first few minutes (also the highest point of the day). But, then the stock crashed, and reached its lowest point for the day at 532.07. However, before the trading time ended, Google stock recovered slightly, and the value settled at 536.72 as the stock market came to a close for the day.

The next day, 27th January 2015, the company’s stock opened at the value of 531.46, much below the closing price of the previous day. Again, the shares showed slight improvement initially, reaching the highest point of the day at 532.78. However, Google shares fell sharply throughout the rest of the day, more than 10 points, reaching their lowest point at the value of 520.86. The shares barely improved to the value of 521.19 and the stock market closed.

January 28th was another terrible day for Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL), as share value, again, fell by more than 10 points. The stock opened at the value of 525.69, which was also the highest point of the day for it. After that, the stock simply crashed, reaching its lowest point of the day at 512.35. The stock value recovered to 512.43 as the trading day came to a close.

The following day, the stock performed relatively better compared to previous days of the week. The stock value opened at 512.90, and initially crashed to the value of 503.48 (the lowest of the day). However, the stock, in the second half of the trading day, quickly improved at recovered to the value of 515.19, and fell slightly to close at 513.23.

Friday was exceptional for the internet giants’ stock, as it rose by almost 20 points. The stock opened at 519.00, and initially fell to its lowest point of the day at 518.18. However, the stock showed staggering improvement after that, and rose to the day’s highest value at 543.10. It closed at 537.55.