Google Inc.’s Collaboration With PwC – Start of a New Era

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Microsoft Corp. and other companies that sell cloud-computing tools are in a competition with Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) and due to this competition a lot of Google’s potential clients get diverted to Microsoft and other related companies. In order to deal with this situation and boost sales of business software through the web Google has decided to collaborate with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

PricewaterhouseCooper LLP is a company that provides corporate consulting services. This collaboration of Google and PwC will enable PwC to assign companies to Google that will look after Google’s structure of internet based software, like Gmail, documents, mobile services, web search etc. Both companies have agreed to work together on a plan to come up with applications and other tools for related industries. PwC has quite an impressive portfolio and has some of the world’s largest corporations as its customers; the company announced that it embraced Google’s business applications for 45,000 employees in the U.S and Australia.

Google is on a lookout to further expand its growth rate by going outside its advertising business and is trying to enhance its demand in front of potential corporate customers. Many corporate customers currently work with Microsoft’s business software alongside other cloud-based services and for Google to make its place, it needs to get noticed by the corporate customers, which is why Google decided to look beyond its advertising business and explore more options.


Google and PwC will together bring new and innovative services to different companies. Google Inc. and PwC’s agreement gave Google’s enterprise software  a new name. Last month the software was renamed as Google for Work. PwC has already started to introduce Google for Work products to its operations.

Google and PwC joined hands and together the two companies will also help other international companies in three areas;

  • PwC’s business knowledge and Google Apps will together help the companies to improve productivity as well as provide the customers with services in a more efficient manner.
  • The two companies will come up with new services through PwC’s analytical employees and Google’s Cloud service to ensure that technology is used to its full potential.
  • The companies will be able to get guidance by Google and PwC on expanding their businesses.

The announcement of this collaboration between the two companies was followed by some type of disruption due to a problem that occurred in some of Google Inc.’s (NASDAQ:GOOGL) online business software products. The disruption resulted in a complete shutdown of services in New York yesterday for 4 hours starting 12 p.m. Google was apologetic about the inconvenience and assured its clients that reliability is Google’s first and foremost priority and that the company will definitely look into the matter to avoid any problems in the future.

The president of Google for Work, Amit Singh is very optimistic about this collaboration and has high hopes from it. He said in an interview that through this collaboration two of the world’s biggest brands have come together and it is bound to make a huge difference.

It is good to see that Google is doing its best to expand its business and expertise beyond advertisement, which until now has been its main source of revenue; however now with increasing competition in this area Google has to go for other options.