Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) Renews its Cloud Efforts

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) search is the biggest search engine and web based service provider with the largest number of users in the World, capable of handling more than 3 billion searches per day. It is a multinational that provides a number of other internet related services and products as well such as cloud services, software, online advertising technologies products like nexus series tablets and many more. It gets most of its profits from advertisement services. A few of its top competitors are Amazon, Yahoo, MSN and Facebook.

However Eric Schmidt Google’s EX-CEO watches Amazon as its greatest rival when it comes to the search services. He says that mostly people think of BING or YAHOO as Google’s main competitors but actually it is Amazon that poses the biggest threat to the internet giant. Amazon has a lot to offer to its consumers; it acts not only as a search engine but also provides its unique E-commerce site services to the world. He mentions on the other hand Google is still the most popular site in the World receiving about 233.1 million visitors from all over the World and ranks no 1, while Amazon ranks 6 attracting hardly 172 million visitors.

Amazon however is leading Google Inc. in its cloud computing power. Clouding is a process in which centralized data storage and online access to computer services and resources are allowed by the networking between large groups of remote servers. Moreover Microsoft’s and IBM are also noted to be increasing their clouding systems, however Amazon is still most dominant and in clouding services with Microsoft’s ranked 2nd and Google ranked 3rd. Google’s leadership however believes that they can still catch Amazon and intend to increase their clouding power, but fear the cost and its complexity, whereas on the on the other hand Amazon’s plus point is its already established costumers which trust its highly developed ecosystem of developers and consultants around Amazon’s offerings.


A few businesses have also switched sides to Google which believe in making good moves in the long run. While Amazon’s use of standard technology in providing clouding services give it an upper hand.

Google has also been trying to build up its E-commerce services and partnered with retailers to offer same delivery services.

On the other hand its bitter rival Amazon has announced that it will spend $1million to acquire game streaming service twitch which was already in talks with Google. Moreover Amazon has also said to be building out an ad network platform that has been Google’s bread and butter for a long time. Schmidt added that Google needs to keep innovating or somebody else will innovate around it leaving Google obsolete. Mr Shmidt considers increased clouding power vital for the multinational’s survival in the open market, and considers clouding as the most important element in providing all these advance technological services. He has urged Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) to spend maximum amount of budget to increase its clouding capacity considering it vital to compete with emerging multinational giants like Amazon, Microsoft’s and IBM etc.