J-Curve Theory stating that the trade deficit of a country will first worsen following a depreciation of its currency as higher prices on overseas imports will more than balance out (in the short term) the smaller volume of imports. … [Read more...]

J-Curve Effect

J-Curve Effect Graphical representation of a trend where the curve moves downward to begin with and then rises to a level higher than originating point. J curve effect is witnessed when an initial loss is succeeded by a significant gain. … [Read more...]

Jensen Index

Jensen Index - Represents the "alpha" of the investment manager or the investment. - Index using the CAP (capital asset pricing) model to assess if a money manager has performed better than a market index. … [Read more...]

Joint Clearing Members

Joint Clearing Members Businesses that clear on two or more exchanges. … [Read more...]

Joint Liability

Joint Liability Any obligation that allows two or more parties to share the associated risks inherent in taking additional debt and insulating themselves giants any future legal consequences. Includes obligations to repay debts. … [Read more...]

Jumbo Loan

Jumbo Loan A loan that exceeds a $1 billion sum or a loan that exceeds the limits set by the Federal Reserve for securitization. These loans cannot be guaranteed by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. … [Read more...]

Junk Bond

Junk Bond Also called junk or high yield bond. Bond with speculative credit rating of Ba (Moody's) or BB (S&P) or lower. These bonds give higher yields than those of financially sound companies. Both Moody's investor Services and Standard & Poors rate bonds to provide a comparative … [Read more...]

Junior Debt (Subordinate Debt)

Junior Debt (Subordinate Debt) Also refer subordinated debt. A debt that is lower in priority when compared with senior debts as far as repayment is concerned. … [Read more...]

Junior Equity

Junior Equity Equity that ranks lower than other superior forms of equity. Usually refers to common stock that is lower priority than preferred stock. Common stockholders come second after preferred stockholders with respect to claim on dividends announced by the company. … [Read more...]

Just-In-Time Inventory Systems

Just-In-Time Inventory Systems Inventory management systems that schedule the arrival of materials so that it coincides with the need for the material during production. … [Read more...]