Indexing Investment strategy that is passive rather than active and that involves investing in a portfolio of assets that track a stock index with respect to the total return performance. … [Read more...]

Indicated Dividend

Indicated Dividend Total dividend amount that would be generated on one share of stock over a one year period succeeding the present time if every dividend matches the same amount as that most recently received. Usually this is represented in stock tables by the letter "e". … [Read more...]

Indicated Yield

Indicated Yield Refer to dividend yield. Formula: Annual dividend divided by price of stock. Indicated yield depends on the latest quarterly rate multiplied by four. The result is shown as a percentage. … [Read more...]

Indicative Quote

Indicative Quote Forex trading terminology. A currency quote that a market maker gives to traders that is not final. He is not obligated to trade at the price he indicates or the quantity mentioned in quote. … [Read more...]

Indifference Curve

Indifference Curve Graphical representation of utility function. Here the horizontal axis evaluates risk while the vertical axis evaluates expected return. The curve links all asset portfolios having the same utilities according to  and . … [Read more...]

Indirect Loan

Indirect Loan Loan transferred from the originating dealer to a third party. The buyer of the indirect loans is the ‘holder in due course’ and he has claim over all future principal and interest payments. … [Read more...]

Indirect Quote

Indirect Quote Used in forex terminology, denotes the quantity or number of foreign currency units that will be required to purchase a single United States dollar. … [Read more...]

Inductive Reasoning

Inductive Reasoning The endeavor to make use of information regarding a given situation to arrive at a deduction. … [Read more...]


Industry The classification denoting the business’s primary or main business activity. Usually the classification arises from the area wherein the largest portion of revenue comes in for the business. … [Read more...]


Industrialization Transformation of a country from a primarily agricultural society into a manufacturing based one producing goods and services. In the process, manual labor is replaced by mechanical production equipment. … [Read more...]


Inflation Rate of increase of general level of the prices prevailing for goods and services. … [Read more...]

Inflation Risk

Inflation Risk Also termed purchasing power risk. Denotes the risk arising from the fluctuations in the real return achieved by the investor that may turn negative after adjusting for inflation. … [Read more...]

Inflation Uncertainty

Inflation Uncertainty The uncertainty in predicting future inflation rates. This uncertainty may be an influencing factor in determining the term structure of interest rates for various instruments. … [Read more...]

Inflation-Escalator Clause

Inflation-Escalator Clause A stipulation in a contract making allowances for decreases or increases in inflation based on changes in the production costs, cost of living, and other parameters. … [Read more...]

Information Asymmetry

Information Asymmetry A circumstance where information pertinent to investment is known only to some of the participants who will be affected. … [Read more...]

Information Circular

Information Circular Documents presented to shareholders describing matters of importance that will be discussed during the annual meeting of shareholders. … [Read more...]

Information Coefficient (IC)

Information Coefficient (IC) The relation between actual and projected stock returns, at times used to evaluate the contribution of a financial analyst. A perfect linear relation between the two returns is represented by an IC of 1.0 while an IC of 0.0 indicates that there is no … [Read more...]

Information Costs

Information Costs Related to search costs. Costs incurred in transaction including the analysis and evaluation of the advantages of a financial asset as an investment. … [Read more...]

Information Services

Information Services Information disseminating organizations that give necessary data pertaining to investment to help investors and companies. For example, information that helps monitor cash position for a business. … [Read more...]

Information-Content Effect

Information-Content Effect An increase in the stock price that succeeds the dividend signal or other relevant information. … [Read more...]