Gross National Product (GNP)

Gross National Product (GNP) A measure of the total income in the economy. Formula: GDP + income accruing abroad to domestic residents - income earned in domestic markets by non-residents. … [Read more...]

Gearing Ratio

Gearing Ratio Refers to the financial ratio that compares any form of owner's equity to borrowed funds. Evaluates financial leverage, and shows how much of a firm's activities are financed by owner's funds as compared with creditor's funds. … [Read more...]

Give Up

Give Up Loss incurred in yield when one block of bonds is exchanged for another block where the bonds have lower-coupon payments. Also referred to as "after-tax give up" when the tax impact of the profit or loss is taken into account. … [Read more...]


Gamma A change in option delta relative to a minor fluctuation in the asset price where the option is written on this asset. Represented as a ratio. … [Read more...]

Garmen-Kohlhagen Option Pricing Model

Garmen-Kohlhagen Option Pricing Model A popular model that is commonly used to price options in foreign currency. … [Read more...]


Gearing Financial leverage. Using debt to enhance return on equity. … [Read more...]

GEMs (Growing-Equity Mortgages)

GEMs (Growing-Equity Mortgages) Mortgages wherein yearly increases in monthly installments are adjusted towards outstanding principal and this serves to reduce the remaining loan term. … [Read more...]

General Cash Offer

General Cash Offer Any public offering that is made to the general public. … [Read more...]

General Obligation Bonds

General Obligation Bonds Securities issued by Municipal bodies that are secured by the municipality’s pledge of full backing in terms of taxing power and credit. … [Read more...]

General Partner

General Partner Partner who agrees to undertake unlimited liability towards the obligations of the partnership entity. … [Read more...]

General Partnership

General Partnership Partnership consisting of only general partners, having unlimited liability. … [Read more...]

General Provisions

General Provisions Balance sheet entry representing funds earmarked by the business for payback of future anticipated losses. It is counted as an asset on the balance sheet as it represents funds which are not required at present as the losses have not occurred as yet. … [Read more...]

Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP)

Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP) Accounting terminology that encompasses the rules, concepts, procedures and conventions generally accepted as part of accounting practices during a given time period. … [Read more...]


Generic Denotes the experience and / or characteristics of the total group of a coupon of Mortgage Backed Security sector type; in contrast to another specific pool or group of collateral, for example, a specific issue of CMO (collateralized market obligation). … [Read more...]

Geographic Risk

Geographic Risk Risk arising when an issuer’s policies are concentrated in certain geographic areas. For example, risks arising from occurrences such as hurricanes or volcanic eruptions. … [Read more...]

Geometric Mean Return

Geometric Mean Return Also termed time weighted rate of return. Evaluates the compounded growth rate of initial market value of portfolio during the period under consideration. The calculation is based on the assumption that all cash distributions are invested again in the … [Read more...]

Gestation Repo

Gestation Repo Agreement for reverse repurchase between securities dealers and mortgage firms wherein the firm sells MBSs that are federal agency-guaranteed and repurchases them simultaneously at a fixed price at a future date. … [Read more...]

Gift Tax

Gift Tax Federal tax applicable on anything of value gifted to another person by the taxpayer. Items are considered gifts if the receiver pays an amount less than full value of the item or does not pay at all. The giver is required to pay the tax. … [Read more...]


Gilts Government securities issued in Britain and Ireland. … [Read more...]

Ginnie Mae

Ginnie Mae Refer: Government National Mortgage Association. … [Read more...]