Exposure Netting

Exposure Netting Setting of exposures in a currency by means of exposures in either the same or different currency. Such set off takes place when expectations are that exchange rates will move to balance gains/ losses on the original open position with gains/ losses arising from the … [Read more...]


Expunge The destruction of an AUTEX indication by any action. This permanently removes all trace of a trader's notification for a block order. … [Read more...]

Extendable Bond

Extendable Bond Extendable maturity bond wherein the extension is done at the discretion of issuer or lender. … [Read more...]

Extendable Notes

Extendable Notes A note whose maturity can be extended through a mutual agreement between investors and issuer. … [Read more...]


Extension An arrangement that is voluntarily undertaken to restructure debt of a company, owing to which postponement of payment date occurs. … [Read more...]

Extension Date

Extension Date Expiry date or extension date of the first option. … [Read more...]

Extension Swap

Extension Swap Maturity enhancement by means of a swap. For example, by selling 2-year notes and purchasing longer current maturity notes. … [Read more...]

External Finance

External Finance New issues of stock of debt securities or other funds not generated by the firm. … [Read more...]

External Market

External Market Also termed international market, Euromarket, offshore market. The mechanism for securities trading where the securities are offered at one single instance to investors in different countries and the issue is not within the jurisdiction of any one country. … [Read more...]


Externality The outcomes of an economic activity that influences third parties who are not directly involved in the activity. Can be positive or negative. … [Read more...]

Extra or Special Dividends

Extra or Special Dividends In addition to a company’s normal dividend (quarterly dividend), extra or special dividends are sometimes announced. … [Read more...]

Extraordinary Positive Value

Extraordinary Positive Value An NPV (net present value) that is positive. … [Read more...]

Extrapolative Statistical Models

Extrapolative Statistical Models Models used to project outcomes for the future by applying formulas to historical data. For example, simple linear trend model, the simple autoregressive model and the simple exponential model. … [Read more...]


Ex-Dividend Signifies zero dividend. An investor purchasing these shares when they are ex-dividend will not receive dividends declared by the company. … [Read more...]

Ex-Rights Date

Ex-Rights Date Date when a common stock share can be bought ex-rights. The buyer has no claim to recently declared share purchase rights. … [Read more...]