Except for Opinion

Except for Opinion Opinion given by auditors reflecting that management imposed restrictions and other uncontrollable conditions hampered the audit process in certain areas pertaining to the company's operations. … [Read more...]


Expropriation Government seizure of private property in accordance with international law, followed by prompt and fair compensation paid to the owner. … [Read more...]

Electronic Currency Trading

Electronic Currency Trading Currency trading method that is carried out through online brokerage accounts. Involves converting base currency at prevailing exchange rates to foreign currency. … [Read more...]

Equity Kicker

Equity Kicker Refers to warrants as they are normally issued linked to bonds that are privately placed. … [Read more...]

Equity Stripping

Equity Stripping Reduction in the overall equity in a property undertaken to avoid creditors. By reducing the interest in the property, hence reducing equity, creditors will lose interest in laying claim to the property. … [Read more...]

Effective Tax Rate

Effective Tax Rate Taxation rate applicable on a taxpayer if a constant rate was applicable instead of progressive taxation. Formula: total tax paid divided by income that is taxable. … [Read more...]

External Efficiency

External Efficiency Refer: pricing efficiency. Degree to which asset price reflects the information pertinent to it. … [Read more...]

Expected Value of Perfect Information

Expected Value of Perfect Information The value expected in the event that future unknown outcomes could be predicted less the expected value without any information in addition being available. … [Read more...]

Economic Equilibrium

Economic Equilibrium The state wherein there is a balance in the economic forces. In absence of any external influences, these variables will remain unchanged. Also refers to the situation when supply and demand for a product are equal. … [Read more...]

Equity Swap

Equity Swap Refer: interest rate swap. An exchange of cash flows in a swap based on total returns on an index pertaining to the stock market and a floating or fixed rate of interest rate. … [Read more...]

Effective Spread

Effective Spread Spread derived in gross underwriting after taking into account the impact of common stock offer announcement on the share price of a firm. … [Read more...]


Eurocredits Eurocurrency loans of intermediate-term that are given to corporates and government by banking syndicates. … [Read more...]

Economic Assumptions

Economic Assumptions The conditions of the economy that are expected to prevail throughout the term of the financial plan outlined by a company. … [Read more...]

Euroyen Bonds

Euroyen Bonds Eurobond that has a Japanese yen denomination. … [Read more...]


Extinguish Paying off debt or retiring it. … [Read more...]


Earnings Post tax net income earned in a period by business. … [Read more...]

EAD- Exposure at Default

EAD- Exposure at Default The total exposure a bank faces at default. Every underlying exposure is assigned an EAD value within a bank's internal system. Using the IRB method, banks determine their EAD systems using their own default models for risk management. … [Read more...]

EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes)

EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes) Calculated as revenues minus cost incurred for goods sold plus expenses pertaining to selling, administrative and general expenses. Profit earned from operating as well as non-operating sources prior to interest and tax deductions. … [Read more...]

EDI- Electronic Data Interchange

EDI- Electronic Data Interchange Electronic information exchange done in structured manner, from one firm's computer directly to another’s computer. … [Read more...]

EOQ- Economic Order Quantity

EOQ- Economic Order Quantity Quantity that should be ordered to minimize total costs associated with inventory. … [Read more...]