Derivative Security

Derivative Security Options, futures and other financial securities where the value of such security is dependent on or derived from the value and traits of an underlying one. … [Read more...]

Direct Paper

Direct Paper CP or commercial paper that is directly purchased by investors from issuers. … [Read more...]

Dead Cat Bounce

Dead Cat Bounce Marginal upward market movement seen in bear conditions. … [Read more...]

Double-Tax Agreement

Double-Tax Agreement Formal understanding between countries allowing payment of taxes in one to be set off against local taxes charged on dividends accruing overseas. … [Read more...]

Dividend Recapitalization

Dividend Recapitalization Also termed dividend recap. Payment of special dividend by a company from a new debt taken for this purpose. … [Read more...]

Discount Window

Discount Window Federal Reserve facility allowing banks which are members, to take loans through government issued securities or other types of acceptable paper, against collateral. … [Read more...]

Deed of Trust

Deed of Trust Terms of indenture. A bond contract. … [Read more...]

Derivative Markets

Derivative Markets Marketplace where derivative instruments are traded. … [Read more...]

Delivery Options

Delivery Options Options such as timing option, quality option and wild card option that the seller of a future contract with interest rates can use. There is uncertainty in the exact kind of T bond delivered or exact date owing to delivery options. … [Read more...]


D Symbol used with NASDAQ listed stocks to denote new issues. … [Read more...]

DCF- Discounted Cash Flow

DCF- Discounted Cash Flow Present value calculated by multiplying cash flows expected in the future by discount factors. … [Read more...]

DDM- Dividend Discount Model

DDM- Dividend Discount Model Model that evaluates a company’s common stock using the current value of future cash flows as basis. … [Read more...]

DDM- Discounted Dividend Model

DDM- Discounted Dividend Model Formula used in estimation of a firm’s intrinsic value by determining value at present of all dividends expected in the future. … [Read more...]

DRP- Dividend Reinvestment Plan

DRP- Dividend Reinvestment Plan Reinvestment of dividend into additional company shares undertaken automatically by the company. Mostly no commissions are charged. Some such plans allow purchasing of these extra shares at discounted prices. These plans let shareholders accrue stock … [Read more...]

DISC- Domestic International Sales Corporation

DISC- Domestic International Sales Corporation U.S. corporation engaged in export trades for which it receives a tax benefit. … [Read more...]

DTC- Depository Transfer Check

DTC- Depository Transfer Check A check issued to a particular individual or business directly by local banks. … [Read more...]

DTC- Depository Trust Company

DTC- Depository Trust Company Depository for securities that accepts custody of eligible securities. It is a user owned entity that handles transactions of these securities, maintains books to record these transactions and enables withdrawals. … [Read more...]

DTCC- Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation

DTCC- Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation Was set up in 1999 as a holding company with 5 clearing corporations plus 1 depository. It is the biggest financial services corporation worldwide engaging in transactions that occur post trade. … [Read more...]

Date of Payment

Date of Payment Mailing date for dividend checks. … [Read more...]

Date of Record

Date of Record Recorded date as on which holders of record are established as the recipients of stock rights/ dividends. … [Read more...]