CFTC Stands for Commodity Futures Trading Commission- a federal agency established to regulate futures trading. The Congress established the CFTC in 1975. Before this, Commodity Exchange Authority of the USDA regulated these trades. … [Read more...]

Call Option

Call Option Option contracts wherein the holder has a right of purchase of a given quantity of underlying asset/ commodity, with the strike price being pre determined, provided the purchase takes place within a given period. … [Read more...]


Close Refer Opposite: Opening. A trading session’s ending phase. Also may refer to price at closing. … [Read more...]

Currency Swap

Currency Swap Formal agreement to exchange a sequence of given dues/ obligations denominated in currency A for a sequence of given dues/ obligations denominated in currency B. … [Read more...]


Callable Financial securities where a call option is attached or where the issuer can call the security. For example, bonds with call options. … [Read more...]

Currency Option

Currency Option A buy or sell option on foreign currency. … [Read more...]

Creation Unit

Creation Unit The collection of shares/ securities that is one unit of a trust fund that underlies an ETF. … [Read more...]

Capital Gains Yield

Capital Gains Yield Portion of change in price in return on a stock. … [Read more...]


CEDEL Eurobond central clearing system. … [Read more...]

Call Money Rate

Call Money Rate Also termed broker loan rate. The rate of interest charged by banks to finance investor margin loans. Brokers add a service charge to the call money rate. … [Read more...]

Complete Capital Market

Complete Capital Market Market wherein one distinct security that is marketable exists for every outcome possible. … [Read more...]

Completion Undertaking

Completion Undertaking Agreement or undertaking to fulfill performance stipulations by the time of completion of a project. Or repayment of debt if such stipulations and conditions are not fulfilled. … [Read more...]

Current Rate Method

Current Rate Method A currency conversion/ translation technique. Each item shown in foreign currency in the balance-sheet as well as income statement is translated using the exchange rate prevailing currently. … [Read more...]

Checks and Balances

Checks and Balances Procedures established to reduce mistakes or unethical behavior. Ensure that no individual or department has complete decision making authority. … [Read more...]

Characteristic Line

Characteristic Line Market model as applied over one security. The security's beta is represented by the slope of the line. … [Read more...]


CFAT After tax cash flow. … [Read more...]

Current Yield

Current Yield Coupon rate divided by price prevailing in the market for a bond or note. … [Read more...]

Contingent Deferred Sales Charge (CDSC)

Contingent Deferred Sales Charge (CDSC) A load fund that has a back end load. … [Read more...]

Correlation Coefficient

Correlation Coefficient Standard measure used in statistics to evaluate the relation between two random variables. Formula covariance divided by the variables’ standard deviations. … [Read more...]

Commission House

Commission House Refer: omnibus account, futures commission merchant. Any firm, that undertakes on behalf of customers, purchase and sales of future contracts. … [Read more...]