Gross National Product (GNP)

Gross National Product (GNP) A measure of the total income in the economy. Formula: GDP + income accruing abroad to domestic residents - income earned in domestic markets by non-residents. … [Read more...]

Waiting Period

Waiting Period A company’s registration statement is studied by Securities Exchange Commission during this time period. Preliminary prospectus may be distributed by the company during this period. Random Finance Terms for the Letter W Wage Assignment Waiting … [Read more...]


CFTC Stands for Commodity Futures Trading Commission- a federal agency established to regulate futures trading. The Congress established the CFTC in 1975. Before this, Commodity Exchange Authority of the USDA regulated these trades. … [Read more...]

Income Basket

Income Basket Income categories where various income sources are allocated based on tax rules in the U.S. Every basket has a net profit or loss that cannot be used to set off gains or losses from others to gain tax benefits. … [Read more...]

American-Style Option

American-Style Option Option contracts that open for exercising at any point between purchase date and date of expiration. Mostly American style options are available for trade on exchanges. … [Read more...]

Relative Yield Spread

Relative Yield Spread Measures the yield spread in comparison with yield level in form of a ratio. Random Finance Terms for the Letter S Regulatory Surplus Reinvestment Rate Reinvestment Risk Re-Invoicing Center REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) Relative Purchasing … [Read more...]

Except for Opinion

Except for Opinion Opinion given by auditors reflecting that management imposed restrictions and other uncontrollable conditions hampered the audit process in certain areas pertaining to the company's operations. … [Read more...]

Mutual Fund Theorem

Mutual Fund Theorem Theorem suggested by James Tobin stating that for each risk level there is just one fund meeting the criteria. States that investors will prefer to invest risk capital in mutual fund or market index. … [Read more...]

Today’s Low

Today's Low The lowest price hit by a security in any given day's trading. Random Finance Terms for the Letter T TIPS Title Tobin's Q Today's High Today's Low Tolling Agreement Tom Next Tombstone Too Big to Fail Top-Down Equity Management Style … [Read more...]

Level Pay

Level Pay The property of the interest and principal payments due towards a mortgage scheduled in such a way that total monthly payment of the two combined is the same even when the share paid towards principal gradually grows bigger while the interest payment becomes less every … [Read more...]

Preauthorized Checks (PACs)

Preauthorized Checks (PACs) Payer checks authorized in advance and used to make safe payments. Written by payee or his bank and deposited in the account of the payee for settlement. … [Read more...]

Financial Intermediaries

Financial Intermediaries Entities or institutions that perform the role of linking lenders and traders to borrowers. … [Read more...]


Expropriation Government seizure of private property in accordance with international law, followed by prompt and fair compensation paid to the owner. … [Read more...]

London International Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE)

London International Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE) An exchange in London where Eurodollar futures and futures-style options are transacted. … [Read more...]

Derivative Security

Derivative Security Options, futures and other financial securities where the value of such security is dependent on or derived from the value and traits of an underlying one. … [Read more...]

Call Option

Call Option Option contracts wherein the holder has a right of purchase of a given quantity of underlying asset/ commodity, with the strike price being pre determined, provided the purchase takes place within a given period. … [Read more...]


Wallpaper The term refers to bonds, stocks and other securities that have lost all their value and become worthless. Random Finance Terms for the Letter W Wage Assignment Waiting Period Wall of Worry Wall Street Wall Street Analyst Wallflower Wallpaper Wanted … [Read more...]

Minimum Price Fluctuation

Minimum Price Fluctuation Also called tick, point. The smallest possible upward change in price in a given contract during trading. … [Read more...]

Operating Margin

Operating Margin Ratio used to evaluate pricing strategy and efficiency in operations in a business. Signifies the portion of revenue in excess of funds required to pay costs of production, which may vary from time to time. Random Finance Terms for the Letter O Operating … [Read more...]

Public Warehouse

Public Warehouse Independent warehouse operated by a non attached company that functions on premises owned by the company. … [Read more...]