Applying Value Analysis to Expenses

Having looked at incomes in the last post, I’d like to take this opportunity to dig into the profitability ratios we discussed. Specifically, it’s important to understand how these ratios are impacted by operations, and how it is that an apparent weakness in a given ratio, can … [Read more...]

Mitigating Equity Dilution as a Value Investor

In the last article, I went through a couple of scenarios that could result in an investor’s position being diluted out by further equity issuances by the company itself. While these situations don’t really have a major impact on the value of the investment itself (increasing the … [Read more...]

Applying Value Analysis to Income and Cash Flow

The first things you should ever look at when analyzing a company is its top and bottom lines. How much money is this company making, and how much is it keeping? From there, you can work your way throughout the gritty details about where it is all the money is going, and whether or … [Read more...]

Equity Dilution’s Impact on Value

Keeping in mind the theme of value investing, I’d like to dedicate the next two posts to the discussion of equity dilution, and how its impacts can be worked into a value-based portfolio. For our purposes, equity dilution is going to refer to situations in which the values of an … [Read more...]

Applying Value Analysis to Assets

Ben Graham defines the costs of investing in being what you pay, and the value of an investment as being what you receive in return for your cost. Despite haven written an entire book on the topic of value investing, his entire philosophy can be summed up in that one phrase. Value … [Read more...]

Applying Value Analysis to Liabilities and Solvency

Up to this point, we’ve now examined how to evaluate aspects of the revenues, expenses, and assets of a company using value analysis. Having looked at the asset evaluations we’ve already completed, it is equally important to evaluate the liabilities that a company incurs. Since … [Read more...]

Understanding Value Investing

In the interest of continuing the ongoing trend of examining accessible investing strategies for running personal portfolios, I’m going to dedicate the next few posts to examining how it is that the pursuit of value can fortify a portfolio’s returns. Specifically, I’m going to break … [Read more...]

Combined Statement Analysis Evaluations

Now that we’ve taken the time to understand how it is that the various fundamentals within discrete financial statements can be used to build a basic value investing model, I’d like to take our evaluations one last step further. Specifically, I’m going to show you how the evaluation … [Read more...]