Facebook and Twitter fight to cash in on TV advertising

As it stands, Facebook Inc., (NASDAQ:FB) is not satisfied with taking over the mobile and wireless world, it seems they want to be at the forefront of all media, and that includes earning a piece of TV advertising spend. David Lawenda, Facebook’s head of U.S. advertising sales shared, “We see TV networks embracing us in ways they didn’t 6 months ago. “They are already eager to place big investments around the fall season. We’ve proven results. Nonetheless, they will face stiff competition from Twitter (NYSE:TWTR).

As far as Facebook goes, David Lawenda was the perfect pick to head their U.S. advertising sales because he has a background of 20 years in the television industry. One example they use to promote their offering is with the Starz TV show, “White Queen.” Facebook worked with Starz on a joint advertising campaign posting trailers and images focusing on women between 25-54.

TwitterOn the other hand, Twitter has verifiable proof of the number of conversations being had around any program. Facebook claims to have more, but some of the discussions are “likes” as opposed to back and forth discourse. Additionally, Twitter moved ahead of Facebook with their Amplify partnership. Amplify helps TV networks pair advertisements on television and Twitter to help augment their reach. This move has been a lot more strategic than anything Facebook has done so far.

While Twitter relies on live engagement, Facebook does have the upper hand about user profiles and private conversations it can collect. In essence, both companies fill unique needs. Not to mention, networks are increasing their social media advertising spend. To illustrate, Starz spent 57% more on social media engagements in 2013 than they did in 2012. Also, that trend is expected to grow. So, it looks like Twitter, and Facebook will both have the opportunity to gain traction in the TV advertising world.

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