Auto Sales for Chrysler on the Rise

Chrysler Group LLC celebrated a great sales month. For sales of Chrysler products in the month of September a 12% increase in vehicle sales was realized. This sales volume for the month of September was the largest increase in sales for Chrysler products in any year-to-year comparison.

Not only did Chrysler exceed sales expectations forecast by most analysts, but exceeded the average 8% mark of sales of new vehicles for the month of September. Typically, in the month of September, reported sales of vehicles generally range at an 8% level. Also, automobile sales in September decrease in sales volume by 11% from the month of August.

The anticipated percentage of sales forecast for the month of September for Chrysler was at 8.4%.

This increase by percentage in sales represents a total of 142,041 vehicles sold. This volume of vehicle sales was up by 127,336 vehicles which were sold a year ago over the same time frame. In comparison to the month of August, sales recorded where at a level of 148,472 vehicles. Subsequently, in comparison of sales of September over August, the volume of vehicles sold was down by 4.3 percent.

Breaking down the vehicle sales even further, the sale of Chrysler trucks increased by 6.2% and automobile sales increased by 27%. Additionally, the brand name known as Dodge experienced an increase in sales by 18% and sales of the Jeep vehicle increased by 10%.

Rounding out the brand names provided by Chrysler is the Fiat brand. For the month of September Fiat vehicles were sold at an all new record or an increase of 51%.

Inventory wise, Chrysler reported that their inventory of vehicles available for sales is reflected at well over a two-month supply.

For the second quarter Chrysler reported a profit based on their increased sales and pricing that was more robust in Canada, the US and Mexico. The North American continent reflects the strongest customer base for Chrysler products and is Chrysler’s major customer market.

Historically, Chrysler went through a bankruptcy in 2009. This government financed bankruptcy allowed the company to reorganize and address their financial shortcomings. Currently, the bulk of Chrysler’s holdings are owned by Fiat SpA. Fiat is headquartered in Italy.

Fiat recently announced that they anticipate shipping between 2.3 million to 2.4 million vehicles globally over the course of this current calendar year.