Bitcoin Could Lose Half its Value Facing Coordinated 51% Attack

Speculation that the Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) Project is planning something big; possibly a 51% attack, may becoming a reality. The project’s members might be planning to start larger blocks of bitcoin in an attempt to create a new blockchain. If they were to succeed the BU miners … [Read more...]

Ford Says Enough is Enough After 91 Years and Closes It’s Doors

American automaker Ford (NYSE:F) is closing its manufacturing facilities in Australia, bringing to an end more than 90 years of its car-making business on the island country. The final six-cylinder Ford Falcon rolled off the company’s assembly line at its plant in the Broadmeadows … [Read more...]

HIV and Computer Malware Eerily Similar

HIV progression in your body is the same way computer worms and malwares infect your computer, says a group of researchers. A new report from the scientists shows that they have established a new model highlighting HIV progression and depicted the disease spreading like a virus … [Read more...]

Bank of England Hints (Again) at 2016 Interest Rate Hike

Will the Bank of England (BOE) finally raise interest rates after years of hints? Perhaps, but it won't be this year. The central bank's quarterly Inflation Report released Thursday signalled that a rate hike won't occur this year and the decision will yet again be pushed back to … [Read more...]

How Pipeline Infrastructure Creates Value

Throughout this year, the political implications of building new pipeline infrastructure throughout North America will have some serious consequences on market movements. Between the Keystone XL pipeline running from Canada across the USA, and the ever growing demand from developing … [Read more...]

Applying Value Analysis to Expenses

Having looked at incomes in the last post, I’d like to take this opportunity to dig into the profitability ratios we discussed. Specifically, it’s important to understand how these ratios are impacted by operations, and how it is that an apparent weakness in a given ratio, can … [Read more...]

Inside a Mutual Fund Understanding BPRAX

In an effort to help personal investors better understand what kind of risks and opportunities they are exposed to within their portfolio, I’m going to start dedicating an entire post every week to understanding specific mutual funds. In these posts, I’ll summarize all of the … [Read more...]

Investment Risk, and Understanding when to Sell or Hold

When we sell a security, we are doing so with the understanding that we can re-invest the proceeds in a way that will maintain our nominal returns. The logic behind this is fairly simple, in that we wouldn’t sell the security if we didn’t feel as though there was a long-term benefit … [Read more...]

Is that Really a Mutual Fund or Just Diluted Equity Position?

Having looked through a batch of tech Funds in preparation for an upcoming post, I came across a startling trend for overexposing a fund towards a very specific security. Funds that claim to act as an index of the tech industry have holding more than 14% of their holdings in companies … [Read more...]

Applying Technical Indicators to Value Investment

In the last article, I described what momentum investing is, and how it can be broadly applied to a personal investment portfolio. By acting as an indicator of when to buy into an opportunity that has already been established as having a strong value proposition, a momentum indicator … [Read more...]

How Video Game Companies Make Money

One of the quietest growth stories over the last few years has come from what is possibly the loudest consumer industry in existence (besides rock and roll I guess). The video game industry has been exploding over the last decade, and investors are starting to see serious returns from … [Read more...]

How a Gold Exit Might Impact Your Real Estate Portfolio

When looking at how it is that a gold liquidation would impact a personal investing portfolio, we need to remember how it is that Gold will generally act as a store of value against uncertainty, inflation, and general macroeconomic risk. However, the only real reason why it is that … [Read more...]

Long Call Market Neutral Positioning

In the last article, I discussed a simple strategy for hedging out macroeconomic risks in a particularly turbulent market. However, the market neutral equity strategy described has a very serious risk implication on its own. Specifically, a market neutral equity strategy requires a … [Read more...]

‘FTC Negotiates Access to Consumers’ Bank Accounts with Payday Loan Lenders

All states in the US are taking strict actions against payday lenders after receiving numerous complaints from the consumers about these companies over the years. The consumer groups and civil rights activists have pulled in the support of the federal bank regulators i.e. the Federal … [Read more...]

Are You Being Charged Twice at the ATM?

We’ve all seen the message before: “An additional service fee of $2 will be charged in order to process this transaction. Do you still want to continue with your withdraw?” It’s annoying, but who cares about a measly $2 when the machine is so convenient! If only that were the case, I … [Read more...]

Part 3 Practical Mutual Funds: Finding Equity Value

Over first and second articles discussing how to implement Mutual Funds, we’ve gone into detail about the obvious rewards, and lesser-known risks associated with fund investment. With these valuable tools under control, I’m now going to share with you some professional tips on how to … [Read more...]

Bad Guru Strategies to Make you Millions

As of recent, I’ve been reading up pretty heavily on options strategies. That being said, I think I should take a minute to clarify what I mean by that. I’m not going out to (not a real site), trying to learn some sort of hidden-guru-secret that will make … [Read more...]

The Complexity and Risks of Covered Cap Funds

In the final portion of this week’s marathon discussion of the use of options in a personal portfolio, I’m going to describe the risks associated with using covered cap funds in your portfolio to generate yield. Specific to a Covered Cap ETF is the risk of unexpected appreciation. … [Read more...]

2012 Investing Trends: Changing Real Estate Rental Dynamics

With the New Year, investors are scurrying to cover their tax losses, and figure out what will be relevant in 2012. Having done the math on a number of option pieces from around the web, I’ve put together a list of my favourite investing trends for 2012. Each day I’ll go into … [Read more...]

How a Gold Exit Might Impact Your Currencies Portfolio

One of the most wildly successful asset-based investments for the last few years has been gold. While it’s hard to describe what it is that actually creates value for gold investors, the returns speak for themselves. Investors speak with their dollars, and the price gold has shot … [Read more...]