Apple Inc’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) restructuring of its stores back on track

While the delay of the iWatch is not particularly encouraging, Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) fans from the state of Connecticut have other reasons to rejoice. Apple has announced that it will open a new retail store in South Windsor, Connecticut on Saturday, August 23. This store will bring … [Read more...]

Top 10 Corporate Scandals

Corporate scandals have always been shocking news for investors and stakeholders. Typically these scandals involve understating the company’s expenses, overstating earnings, overstating value of the assets or/and under reporting current liabilities. A corporate wrongdoing sometimes … [Read more...] Now Accepting Bitcoin was the first big retailer online to accept bitcoin (BTC) and now has joined ranks. If you visit TigerDirect the entire home page background is an image of bitcoins. Will TigerDirect see a huge increase in first day sales like … [Read more...]

Porn Could be Set to Catapult Bitcoin into Mainstream Adoption

Regardless of how you feel about porn it's a large part of our financial ecosystem. It's estimated that $97.06 billion dollars is spent world wide every year watching porn. That's $3,075.64 spent every second with 28,258 Internet viewers watching porn per second and one new porn video … [Read more...]

2014 Dates to Remember: Important Upcoming Bitcoin Events & Dates

On this page I have created a list of upcoming events that could have an impact on bitcoin (BTC) in 2014. I have also included bitcoin conferences and expos that will be held in 2014. I will update this page with more important dates and conferences as they are discovered. … [Read more...]

Silk Road Bitcoins Will be Sold Through US Marshal Auction Not on Open Exchange

According to Forbes and verified by checking one of the largest bitcoin (BTC) wallets which is held by the Feds will be sold. Nearly 30.000 bitcoins were seized last October when the online drug exchange Silk Road was taken down. Speculation about what would happens to … [Read more...]

Purchase Sacramento Kings Tickets and Merchandise with Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) continues to evolve and become more mainstream. Starting March 1st you can purchase tickets to watch the Sacramento Kings and merchandise through their online store using bitcoin. The Kings have partnered up with one of the leading bitcoin payment processors, BitPay. … [Read more...]

Did David Marcus CEO of PayPal Just Publicly Say PayPal Supports Bitcoin?

David Marcus CEO of PayPal may have just hinted that PayPal is a supporter of bitcoin (BTC). As first reported on reddit you can see David Marcus tweets in the image below that "We're believers in BTC". We already know that David Marcus owns bitcoins "I really like Bitcoin. I … [Read more...]

How to Combine Asset and Industry Classes into a Portfolio to Minimizes Risk

Having dug into the basics of how it is that we can make sure that we diversifying our investment base throughout a given industry sector to minimize our exposure to unsystemic risks, we can now start combining our positions in these sectors to come up with a full investment portfolio … [Read more...] Now Accepting Bitcoin – Bitcoin Value on the Rise (NASDAQ:OSTK) is now accepting Bitcoin (BTC) for purchases on their website. Overstocks CEO Patrick Byrne has been hinting that they would accept Bitcoin in the future but seeing it go live today was unexpected. Bitcoin is an online digital currency that is quickly … [Read more...]

Categories of Bonds

Table of Contents Chapter 1: What are Bond Investments Chapter 2: Categories of Bonds Chapter 3: Understanding Bond Terminology Chapter 4: Who Should Buy Bonds Chapter 5: How to Buy and Sell Bonds Chapter 6: Factors to Consider Before Buying Bonds Navigate This Page Chapter … [Read more...]

Top 10 Most Expensive Homes in the World

The world’s most expensive homes’ list starts with the most recently completed Antilla in Mumbai and ends with an ancient Dracula’s Castle in Romania. While geographically these homes share very little in common, all the homes on this list can lay claim to affluent owners, … [Read more...]

Risks Associated with Margin Trading

Table of Contents Chapter 1: What is Margin Trading Chapter 2: Margin Trading Terminology Chapter 3: When to Use Margin Trading Chapter 4: Risks Associated with Margin Trading Navigate This Page Chapter 4: Risks Associated with Margin Trading Chapter 4: Risks Associated … [Read more...]

Introduction to Trading Stocks

Every day stocks worth hundreds of billions of dollars are traded across the world. The stock market forms an integral part of any economy and it acts as a great place for people to earn returns on their investment. Understanding what stocks are and how the market functions can help … [Read more...]

Players in The Forex Market

Table of Contents Chapter 1: What is Forex Trading Chapter 2: History of Money and Origins of Forex Trading Chapter 3: Forex Trading Terminology Chapter 4: Important Aspects of Forex Trading Chapter 5: Players in The Forex Market Chapter 6: Factors that Affect the Forex … [Read more...]

Gross National Product (GNP)

Gross National Product (GNP) A measure of the total income in the economy. Formula: GDP + income accruing abroad to domestic residents - income earned in domestic markets by non-residents. … [Read more...]

Paying Off Debt Fast or Slow Which is Best?

The question of paying off debt fast or slow is a no brainer for me personally. Financially speaking it's the obvious best answer because the faster you pay off your debt the less interest you're going to pay. I guess the flip side to this would be paying your debt off slower means … [Read more...]

How Do ADR Work

Table of Contents Chapter 1: What are ADR (American Depository Receipts) Chapter 2: How Do ADR Work Chapter 3: Types of ADR Chapter 4: Investing in ADR Navigate This Page Chapter 2: How Do ADR Work - Pricing of ADR Chapter 2: How Do ADR Work? A typical ADR goes through … [Read more...]

How to Make a Budget and Stick to It

Chapter 1: How to Make a Budget and Stick to It Chapter 2: Creating Personal Budget Goals Chapter 3: Assessing Your Current Financial Situation Chapter 4: Identifying Budget Focus Areas Chapter 5: Staying Committed to Your Budget Chapter 6: Budget Software Budgeting is a term … [Read more...]