Weak Economic Data Makes Fed Question Interest Rate Hike

Here we go again...the Federal Reserve is still undecided as to whether or not it will begin raising interest rates this summer, citing an array of economic factors that will contribute to its final decision. According to the latest minutes released Wednesday from last month's … [Read more...]

CFSA Poll: 80% of Payday Loan Borrowers Say Debt is Easy to Repay

Whether it’s a media exaggeration or the government trying to find a problem, a recent poll found that payday loan borrowers are quite satisfied with the terms of the lender. Many respondents also felt that using a payday loan establishment should be their choice and not the federal, … [Read more...]

Walmart Goodies Launches

WalMart Stores announced its official launch of a new subscription service called Goodies. The new service allows consumers to try new foods through sample packages mailed to their homes. The new service costs $7 per month, but that includes taxes and shipping charges, so it is a very … [Read more...]

Sales of Existing Homes Declines

In a report released by the NAR, a decline in existing homes was reported. This decline in sales of existing homes fell by 1.7%. This down turn is in comparison to the previous month of August to the month of September. … [Read more...]

AMD Continues Downsizing

Advanced Micro Devices announced a second round of employee downsizing measures. In this announcement, AMD indicated that it will be reducing its workforce by an additional 12,000 employees. This second round of layoffs represents an additional 15% in staffing cuts. This notice of … [Read more...]

Southwest Airlines Posts Third Quarter Games

For the third quarter, Southwest Airlines Company (LUV) posted profits. … [Read more...]

PepsiCo Reports Higher Earnings

Third quarter earnings for PepsiCo were at a higher level than what was forecasted. These surprising increased earnings over forecast, despite weakened revenue, for the third quarter were due to the U.S. dollar being more robust and the demise of certain businesses. … [Read more...]

Consumers Buying Power Impacted

For the month of September, consumers in America experienced a decline in their buying power. The primary cause of this negative impact on the consumer's wallet was due to the rapid increase in gasoline prices. Gasoline for the month of September rose in price by 7%. This rise in … [Read more...]

Economic Growth Outlook Reduced

Due to a reduction in spending by both businesses and consumers, most analysts have reduced the forecast growth outlook for 2013. … [Read more...]

PayPal Considers Downsizing

Unconfirmed news indicates that PayPal will announce that they are cutting their workforce by 3%. Because the plans have not been formally announced, the anonymous individual has indicated that this 3% reduction in the workforce is anticipated to range anywhere from 300 to 400 … [Read more...]

China and Japan Indicate Support for Europe’s Rescue Plan

The second and third largest global financial economies have recently indicated support for Europe's recently rolled out rescue plan. China and Japan, second and third largest economies respectively, have verbally indicated their support to help resolve the European financial crisis … [Read more...]

Third Quarter Increase in Profit for Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo released their third quarter earnings statement showing a 22% increase for the quarter. Wells Fargo has the largest worth of any U.S. Bank and is the nation’s largest financial institution when it comes to mortgages. Driving this strong financial quarter for Wells … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Filings Decrease

In a recent report, released by a realty company, it was reflected that September foreclosure filings had dropped to their lowest point in over five years. In that report Realty Trac, a foreclosure listing firm, disclosed that foreclosure listings in comparison to the third quarter … [Read more...]

Walmart Expands Financial Services to Customers

Walmart, in an effort to expand its services to customers, is broadening their service by offering a prepaid debit card. … [Read more...]

Regulations for Stress Tests on Large Banks Approved

In a recent announcement, the FDIC announced approval of new proposed changes for stress tests conducted on large banks. The FDIC is the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and insures some financial accounts through various financial institutions. Prior to the recent financial … [Read more...]

United Healthcare Expands Global Services

UnitedHealth Group Incorporated recently announced plans to be a major stakeholder in healthcare benefits provided to the country of Brazil. This announced deal is in the amount of $4.9 billion in cash. The spending of these invested monies will allow UnitedHealth to purchase 90% of … [Read more...]

Pleas for Leniency from Greece Go Unheeded

The dire situation regarding the national finances for Greece came to another boiling point as Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras voiced a directed plea for an “accommodating policy” to the ECB (European Central Bank). This plea was to ease financial obligation on Greece's current … [Read more...]

Low Interest Rates Cause Refinancing of Homes Surge

Because of low interest rates available for homeowners, mortgage brokers have seen an increase of applications for refinancing of mortgages. In addition, because mortgage interest rates are continually adjusting downwards, opportunities for homeowners to refinance home loans, on a … [Read more...]

Concerns About Inflation Expressed

In the wake of the recent steps that have been taken by the Federal Reserve, there has been a surge of concerns being voiced in regards to inflation looming on the horizon. One of the voices that are sounding the alarm is Federal Reserve Bank president Esther George. … [Read more...]

More Responsibility Seen Through Use of Credit Cards

Recent reports reflect that consumers are using credit cards more responsibly. In a report released by the American Bankers Association, it shows that credit card customers have become less delinquent on their credit card payments. Correspondingly, this has decreased the amount of … [Read more...]