Apple Stock (AAPL) Bashers May be in for Rude Awakening

Despite trading troubles that have plagued Apple Inc. (AAPL) all week, Kantar Worldpanel Comtech announced that the firm has reached a 53.3 percent smartphone share in the U.S. over the 12 week period ending Nov. 25 due to strong sales of the iPhone 5, passing the 50 percent mark for the first time.

This statistic is up from last year’s aggregate figure of 35.8 percent. It is also believed that there is still room for Apple to claim a larger percentage in the next quarter. In contrast, Android’s U.S. market share fell to 41.9 percent from last year’s figure of 52.9 percent.

Apple shares traded down -0.87 percent as of Thursday, hitting $530.20 on the NASDAQ index. The latest closing price is still 25.57 off the 52 week high of $705.07 and 35.92 percent above the low of $392.01. Analysts still report the stock will struggle to recover trading prices anywhere near the figure of $754.02.

For shareholders still waiting on Apple Inc. stock to recover, good news may be on the horizon as the long-awaited Apple Television hits domestic and international markets. If this product turns out to be as hot as Apple’s previous offerings, the stock may reach or exceed its previous highs.

Iron Fire Capital founder Eric Jackson stated he believes that Apple TV may revive the technology company in a breakout interview conducted for Yahoo! Finance. Drawing on the estimations Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty released earlier this week, Jackson stated Apple’s earnings could double off iTV in the next two years.

Hedging his his bet,however, he admitted these figures left plenty of room for interpretation. “I don’t know that they’re going to sell that many. If that’s the desire that’s out there—that mean’s that Apple’s gotta produce these things.”

Jackson bases his reasoning on Huberty’s extensive consumer research which found that Apple could stand to sell 13 million TV priced at over $1,000 a unit within the first year they are introduced to the market. That would add an estimated $14 billion in revenues and $4.50 to earnings.

Taking this data a step further, Jackson also predicts that since Huberty’s data was only based on potential U.S. consumers who self-rated as “very interested” in an iTV unit, expanding the research to potential buyers who are “somewhat interested” might bring an additional 43 million units into consideration. If the fact that Apple has traditionally sold two-thirds of its products overseas figures into the iTV equation, Apple could still stand to drive more revenue., pumping the potential target market to as much as $168 billion in revenues and $54 dollars in earnings.

As far as what these projections might mean for trading prices right now? Jackson warned viewers to not get their hopes up that prices connected to Apple stock will rise immediately.

“It’s coming . . . I don’t think it’s coming until the back half of next year and so I don’t know how much of a boost it’s gonna provide to that stock within the calendar year of 2013.”

In related news, word on the street is that Taiwan semiconductor firm TSMC may add Apple to its list of clients, though it may have to wait until late 2013.